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  1. Amazing strategy bro, nice video!

  2. How will I send a video with ash? I want to share my attack I 2 starred with high percentage a th10 and i am a th9 with valkyries. Note: its not a bad base base th10

  3. How to win

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  4. As always great video, glad your back at it!

  5. Really great video Ash. Glad to see you back bro! Just wanted to say that our fellow clashers shouldn't overlook the haste spell. Like balloons and drags, valks have high damage but are a little slow. They are much faster now with the update when it comes to their swing, and haste spells do work!! I've been using a 1 golem, 22 valk, 7 wizard, and some archers or minions. As long as you bring 2-4 jump spells to give the valks the freedom to roam, 3 haste spells cleans TH11s out for an easy 2 star no problem.

  6. At least what level do you suggest my queen should be for me to start queen walking?

  7. Great video! +Clash with Ash Mobile Gaming

  8. can you get back to splatoon

  9. I'm just wandering if you can show a th8 video soon. I know not a lot changed for that level but there still were some

  10. yo ash I got a 3 star last war using your ring base strat but with valks over witches and bowlers doin work too. you should check it out -Quinn from RI KILLERS

  11. how many healers do you need for a Queen walk?

  12. Best clash youtuber. No contest, but that thumbnail is gonna make some messed up fanfiction

  13. I'd like to see a th9 queen walk mass valks if it's possible

  14. I recommend deploying the warden just before the valks actually, because the allows your warden to keep up with the valks much better ??.

  15. My Valks are lv 1 I feel like when I upgrade to lv 5 they will be nerfed! I ugraded hogs to lv 6 though

  16. Hey Ashlain, can we expect any new strategy guides with the bowler? Or are you still practicing with it?

  17. Good video ash thank you for the tips :)

  18. Ash thx for your vid today. You're a incredible youtuber and i wish that i could do more to support you in those horroble days. And as always take cate tim!

  19. hey ash, just got my aq to lvl 20, do u think thats a good lvl to start aq walk? and are there any th9 aq walk guids coming soon?

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  21. does clash with ash replay to early comments???

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    sub=have awesome day
    ignore=find money

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