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MAKE TROOPS FOR FREE!? – Clash of Clans NEW UPDATE GLITCHES! All Bugs / Glitches in NEW CoC Update!

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  1. do a hidden update feature!!!

  2. where is giveaway result?

  3. am i the only one who his clash of clans sometimes doesn't load?

  4. I did that training glitch ,u didn't need to boost anything

  5. we did a cw right after the update we did an attack on number 10 and the base destroyed all the buildings were gone but it said 99% the troops stood still for the rest of the time and ended at 99% We looked at the guy his real base and he had 1 more building that was not in his war base we think that the % got messed up because of that when the normal base changes is his war base. after the break we tried it again and we got 3stars but did they really fix this or did the % just recalculate after the break if this happend you can make bases that can't get 3 stars by just not placing 1of your new buildings in the warbase! #help

  6. Biggest money whore titel I've ever seen… Everyone clicked for the thumbnail.

  7. We got 50% in war but it end (the war attack ] at 48% on the map

  8. Haha I didn't know the glitch was so unknown. Glad you got to see the post before it was removed. OP camera angles 😉 I'm terrible at filming and tapping simontaniously lol

  9. its patch :(

  10. H8 those intro's though

  11. I am so happy because

    I have leave the coc ?

  12. That sliding glitch does look cool PS I tried it

  13. Really? Theres no [patched] in the title -.-

    My name is views and I've heard you're doing anything for me.

  14. Who won the giveaway?

  15. some buildings look like they're floating

  16. Congrats on 200k

  17. pls add the wiz glitch with the wiz just throwing air with no dmg instead of damaging troops or buildings

  18. Not Overused Cheep Or Over saturated Intro Ever.

  19. thnx

  20. My game crashed after the Maintenance break and I lost my for sure 3 star in war…

  21. how did he slide?

  22. What's the name of the gameplay background music?

  23. When ur collecting elixir it's a different noise

  24. Hey Eclihpse whats ur intro song

  25. I lost a war because of the update and it was a tie and one guy 2 stared me but had 65% but it said 75% on the bar …. Stupid glitch

  26. Just realized that you have as much subs as phone cats

  27. I just did that and it did not work

  28. Man I was going to make a video on all of this

  29. The first one doesn't work!!!!?????

  30. hey I cant move my spell or troops

  31. I did use the free unlimited troops all day long yesterday lol

  32. i hear xenogenesis by thefatrat in the backround ;)

  33. I really hoped this wasn't a clickbait. Way to go, Echlipse! Btw love ur vids

  34. It kind of pisses me off that you have the audacity to say that they are patched in the description but not in the title. Thats kind of being a view whore.