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MAKE WITCHES GREAT AGAIN! Witches Vs. Valks – What’s the Diff? [Clash of Clans]

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  1. Hey clash can you try my clash royale strat, giant,bomber tower,bomber,hog,spear goblins,minion horde,arrows barbs works good it started as the jason deck but i adopted it to make it better at arena 6 and 7

  2. When you said caviot, did you mean it in a beware sense?

  3. Ash I totally agree on how valks have taken over the witch position, I honestly felt that increasing the witch's lvl and then nerfing her only made the troop obsolete. I do not get why they nerfed her so bad despite adding a lvl on the mortar and IT. There is a timeline gap between what was happening and what is currently happening, I do agree they should bring back the witch.

  4. UR spot on Ash. Witches need a little help now. ??

  5. Absolutely true!! What is the sens of the witch if the skeletons can't protect her??? And yes, if we afraid of air attacks it's a lot harder to build a base good against multiples strategies. Supercell needs to listen Ash!?

  6. Ash I have a question with the hog cycle deck 2.0. Want if the person has a wizard how to counter it and how to defeat like spawners.

  7. Agreed, witch back please ?

  8. Nah I'm happy with how witches and valks are…keep them that way.

  9. auto correct sorry valks

  10. yay lets make larries not trigger traps… why dont we jst let golems fly when they go over spring trap and let hogs unable to jump over walls anymore….. take away splash damage of wizards! make Pekkas only attack resource! Goblins target defenses only! =.= just take away the main idea, theme, and purpose of that particular troop…. FAIL

  11. agreed do not nerf the balls

  12. i hope the valks dont get nerfed bc its not only about th10 & th11 its also about th9 & th8 and th8 would not do good if they got nerfed and i hope someone has a strategy attavk with valks at th8

  13. I agree Ash! I was so excited for my lvl 2 witches at TH9. It was a costly upgrade and a big let down. ?

  14. Great Video ASH!
    ??i agree bring back the witch

  15. the thing about the valks is more town hall lvls are able to use them so they aren't as exclusive as witches. However I think at th10 and th11 witches should go back to the pre-bowler update so that there can some variety.

  16. great content as aways ash, keep the nice work

  17. great points in the video man also do you know were the spark has been lost in coc and how would you try to fix the spark

  18. We're gonna build a wall. A lv 12 wall. These witches, and their skeletons, they're just pouring in. We're gonna build a wall and supercell is gonna pay for it.

  19. what about the grand warden? that's the real reason why the valkyries are dominate.

  20. Don't want one troop being used in a th level…..th7 Dragons smh

  21. i agree bring the witch back

  22. Ash if ever shouted me out I would pee and scream my pants

  23. ash you got a point bro I am with you all the way

  24. Thanks

  25. Great ideas… Specially ur idea about the air troops, we need something new about it

  26. Title is just a play on societal relevance, not an endorsement! :-P

  27. I agree! Coming from the Gadi hh family of clans, we all (mostly) agree!!! Keep up the great vids??

  28. yeah im with you. because witches are pretty much useless now. 🙁 btw i like the new intro 😀 #MakeWitchesGreatAgain

  29. that is so true tim.i am a farley new th 9 and i was looking forward to awesome gowiwi with lvl 6 hogs in the cc or lvl 3 witches.but i got my valks at 3 now and they r so awesome.canr wait til they r 4