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March 2016 Update Recap: LVL 6 Hogs, LVL 5 Valkyries, LVL 4 Inferno Tower, Bowler, and more!

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  1. Modding is patched? Hell fucking yeah!

  2. Nice video keep it up I love it.

  3. Did the Archer Queen always never trigger skeleton traps cause ive done a couple of raids and just noticed it.

  4. uuuuu so cringe listening to a fp town hall 9 talk about "Its good th11 is now a 2 star game" "The gw was a bit overpowered" DUDE you are a damn town hall nine and have never attacked on a 11 account and have never 3 starred a town hall 10 or 11 you can't sit here and talk about al the nerfs that are "Good" even us models can't even 3 star anymore how the fuck could you think making 3 stars impossible is good? damn fp players

  5. i think supercell was hit and miss with this update. they made a lot of good changes but i also feel that others weren't good. the wiz tower hp boost is definitely noticeable. a max WT take 1 extra shot from a lvl 30 queen to take down

  6. Nice video!

  7. i"t depends on the skelleton level" 9:35

  8. whatsup lol I'm here quite early