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Mass Bowler | 3 Star Strategy | Clash of Clans

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  1. bowlers are best to attempt 3 stars on fresh hits with some luck, and get a nice scout on a base in case u "fail"( which will be a high % 2 star most of the times). but i think that when the base is scouted dgb locations, a queen walk VaHo is way more reliable then bowlers. bowlers need good funneling, thats true, but sometimes thats not enough and if a large group of them paths on bombs without healers on them its gg and u fail. VaHo/Lo is way more reliable on scouted bases. i dont think that they need a nerf, probably lv 3 bowlers need a nerf because they just rape th11s/th10s so easier having more health.

  2. beautiful attacks

  3. they are broken, a nerf is needed.

  4. Lol at first bowlers weren't good. Then they get a slight increase to initial attack speed and reduced housing space to 6 and now everyone calls them op ??

  5. great vid