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MASS GOBLIN Farming is AMAZING!! GIGOB Farming Attack Strategy in Clash Of Clans

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  1. Song?

  2. you should've said you were farming you "ash" off at the beginning lol.

  3. Will this strategy work for TH8 troops?

  4. Love the idea!! For the training time…….
    Giant: 5 housing space 2 mins
    Goblin: 1 housing space 30s => 5 goblin/housing space = 2 mins 30 second.
    Goblin actually takes longer to train than Giant. Well, Goblin is so much cheaper.

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  6. Made it to the end 🙂 Seems like a version of the Goblin Knife I've been using for DE. I love the loot hauls you're getting!

  7. Pls, say train not cook…

  8. Any Th10 farming strategys

  9. Made it to the end. How about some efficient th11 farming strats?

  10. nice stradegy

  11. I made it to the end

  12. what if my queen is cooking and I don't need a barracks full of healers? with what should I replace it goblins or giants?

  13. Any strategy for farming while your queen is upgrading? Or if you have a video link it to me please

  14. lot of dun

  15. Hello anyone that is active and donates please join my clan. It's level 8 and has over 120 war wins with many th9s th10s and th11s in. Ultimat3 L3gCy please join it.

  16. I make it to the end?

  17. I made it to the end, and I will try that and let you know how it goes! :D

  18. ash coc is slowl dead

  19. and collect 5-6 mil on day

  20. xaxaxa I attack with gigob since 3 month you now record video

  21. Made it to the end! Thanks for this strategy Ash! Should be really helpful because I'm going to Town Hall 9 in a couple days!

  22. Listen to my voice message?

  23. 6:50 I would govalo this base so hard :)

  24. Thats how my mum farms always

  25. omg… i love u i just tryed this and omg i i wish i had used this more when i was doing the wall grind (i did the exact same thing as u… thanks for this its awsome

  26. Made it to the end! Love how you are still doing clash of clans videos, and everyone else is doing clash Royale. Keep up what your doing!!

  27. wassup my people! also nice video ash

  28. wassup my people! also nice video ash

  29. Great video!

  30. hey ash , its cool video. Can u show some dark elixer farming ? without heros or with, but faster way of it.

  31. cool strategy ash its working for me very well thx!

  32. If you are concerned about minimal army cook time, you cook giants versus all goblins.

    1 Giant = 2 minutes = 5 troop space.
    4 goblins = 2 minutes = 4 troop space

    8 Giants using four barracks. 40 troop space. Cook Time is 4 minutes.

    40 goblins using four barracks. Cook Time is 5 minutes.


  34. hi ash love your videos !!! can you do one with th10 rush base farming ??!!!

  35. Nice loot Ash, I farm with goblins really often

  36. An upcoming update will bring a new level to an existing troop. Another same old shit from SuperScumcell. Looks like this boring game will be more boring again as usual with their same old shit. Don't they hire brainstorming teams? When was the last awesome update we saw in this game? Clan war and nothing else since then

  37. hello ash, how many time your account going to th 9 with max archer queen ?

  38. Im early. Let me make joke


  39. Dead bases? Haven't found a dead base in months. For me this doesn't work at th10 🙁 unfortunately.