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MASS MINER MADNESS! 46+ Miner 3 Star Strategy in Clash Of Clans

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  1. Th10 miner atck plz

  2. They are awesome for de farming. …at least in my opinion

  3. You should do a video where you do some attacks with 1/3 valks, 1/3 miners, and 1/3 bowlers. You should should use heal and clone spells

  4. ash I love your channel!Keep up the great content!

  5. GJ bro!

  6. Miners need a nerf! They are way too powerful!

  7. Here's an idea on a miner nerf; no spells or GW ability can work on them if they are under ground (hmmm…seems kinda intuitive actually).

  8. Thanks ash I wanted to see some miner attacks since everyone is focusing on bowlers…

  9. they need to make miners target defenses so that other troops will be used with them :)

  10. who else clicked on the 1 that poped out on the chat lol

  11. very cool

  12. I must say. You're the most intellectually mined Clasher on YouTube. You remind me of a teacher. Very well spoken and your descriptions are thorough and accurate. Keep up the great work.

  13. Clash is full of spam attacks now.

  14. if u sub me it will make my day

  15. epic to watch, just put my miners down to lvl 3,  i guess tho by the time they are maxed the nerf will arrive….gemmers enjoy them while you can!

  16. I love your intro I hate your outro. But I'm here for then intent and the content is good keep it up ?

  17. Thanks ash great job again

  18. hey guys this is maddawg gaming and I am so close too 100 subs, but with ur help I would love to get to 500 by the end of the summer! I appreciate ur help!THANKS!

  19. Cause we all have level 4 miners already hey.. come on now. Most people don't gem

  20. Ash, Im legend ( Th10 ) and do you think I can 2 star th11's with level 1 bowlers? lol Im getting them level 2 in 6days but what do you think? Can you make a video on it?

  21. ahh spam attacks

  22. Omg my clan mate made the vid the first guy in the vid! This is awesome

  23. we need for nerf!!

  24. 1:24 Bowlers= miners confirmed?!?!!??!

  25. Ash, please stop using that cringey thumbnail face. Do us all a favor.

  26. Man now I wish I put up a better base lol thanks @clashwithash fan for life!

  27. ash I could not find your clan

  28. Nice Ash ??

  29. Stop scrolling, yeah you, have a great day!

  30. make clash royale video about best deck arena 7 no legendaries

  31. Yo


  33. 02:42 am – let's do this ! :)

  34. Great Strategy there

  35. Sixth comment woohooo

  36. thx

  37. second

  38. first comment

  39. Woooohhhhh

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