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MASS VALK 3 STAR BLUEPRINTS Vs. Popular Internet Bases TH11 [Queen Walk / Lvl 6 Hogs]

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  1. hey ash I have a question for you… many lighting spells to take out an inferior and a cc?

  2. ash you were great yesterday in were the only guy i knew so i was your side

  3. congrats on making it to top 8 clash royale tourney …. f the motar!! u rock

  4. Good video Ash

  5. Hi ,Ash!

  6. I've got an Internet TH8.5 base adapted from a TH8 and I've still not been 3⭐️ in 4 wars.

  7. Nice video, really helpful with wars

  8. wanna hear a joke?


  9. Ash's hero: Jason. You were unlucky against steroidi, a little direct damage and you would've got it. I thought your strategy was very good in the tournament.

    Anyway actual talk about the video ?, I find every video of yours very helpful, I was struggling with th8 three stars but you made a video about GoVaLo/Ho and click, 6 Star Wars 4 wars in a row. Keep it up ash ??

  10. so once again supercell has given everything to th11. Without the grand warden valks are no where near as good at th10 level when will supercell give th10's something decent that work at th10 level

  11. ?

  12. Th11 again :(

  13. so u r back from finland.Congrats for making it to top 8 I wanted u to win but u were out of luck that day.good luck for next one I hope u win it.

  14. 1. sub to me
    2. reply done!
    3. I'll sub back!

  15. Hey ash nice video man!

  16. Awesome

  17. :D

  18. will having a dragon in the cc make this type of attacks harder ?

  19. Great video Ash! ??

  20. i like the used of hog.. idea… tnx ash

  21. ash , teach us how to defeat mortar users :((

  22. dang so close

  23. you are amazing ash ❤❤❤❤❤

  24. 4th

  25. third

  26. Second

  27. first