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Massacre of a TH10 – “A 3 Star Guide for Dummies”

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  1. "A 3 star guide for dummies " … Didn't you noobs lost to Golden Goblins feeder? I wouldn't be posting tutorials when your clan is shit.

  2. Quality content

  3. love it keep it up

  4. awesome content… would love to see some TH10/11 base design discussion as well

  5. nice teacher

  6. LOVE the new series!

  7. That second attack was poetry!

  8. Massacre of a th10 series > death of a th10 series I guess since Jakes channel is dead you can take it lol

  9. JFK >Powerbang lol

  10. R.I.P Papa ❤️


  12. Awesome content and style of video!! That's what the high fp war community needs on yt! Keep it up man!!

  13. The fans demand a wizard charge tutorial

  14. RIP Papa! ='(

  15. First