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MASSIVE CLASH OF CLANS UPDATE: Friendly Challenge – My Thoughts

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  1. terrible update. all the skill is being taken out of the game.

  2. omg your reasoning makes you a closet modder lollolololollolollol #ripfppleb


  4. Will you start making more 3 star bible videos?

  5. Next thing you know they will add copy base…

  6. They could always make it so WAR ELGIBLE players (as shown in your profile when your set to be in a war) cant do the challenges until it wears off imo.

  7. I strongly disagree. this is not a game breaking thing. for war, simply put: it is a way to improve your skills on certain bases. Bases will get 3 starred, theres no way to prevent it. otherwise, might as well remove the 3rd star in the star counter on the bottom right of the screen. stop getting angry and comparing it to modding. the update didnt come up yet and yet, we complain. we need to stop criticizing and wait.

  8. So do I have this correct?  SC says we don't want cheating in their game then turns right around and builds a cheating mechanism right into the game.  Honestly… how dumb are these guys at SC?

  9. I totally agree

  10. what do you mean when you say modding? is this American slang?

  11. Excellent and fair video PB. I much prefer your openness and open mindedness to certain other war community youtubers. Though I am EXTREMELY apprehensive about his update, I think the premises are good and that there should be ways to incorporate it into the game with wars still won by skill rather than time. Let me tell you that no th9 gowiper will start getting 3*s on maxed th9's even if he spends hours sand boxing.

  12. I love this feature EXCEPT how it effects war! My only solution to basically try and get rid of potential modding is for SC to ban this feature on Preparation day and on War day!

  13. I think they also said that you can attack them with you current army, meaning you have to train the army you want to attack with, but you can repeatedly attack with it and not lose troops. However, if a strategy fails, and you want to try a different comp, you have have to empty your current army, and train a new one. This wont be a problem for players with tons of gems, but for people who dont have many gems, or dont want to use them, then you would have to wait before using that comp. I am not sure if this is conformed, but this is just what I picked up from reading the announcement.

  14. Well, would really copy a base that you can't predict traps and teslas placements? Sometimes it's hard to guess

  15. They better make it unexploitable or they'll kill their own game. The 2 day delay-idea would be good imo.

    Great vid as usual btw.

  16. whens update?

  17. Do you do giveaways

  18. It's interesting, I heard Super Cell made this update specifically to weed out players of lesser intellectual ability. You see, players of reasonable cleverness will simply change their war base with a simple tap of a button, which Super Cell has so generously provided by allowing for three war bases to be pre-made and switched at ease. The funny thing is that so many players will waste their time building and copying their opponents base, all whilst switching back and forth between the screen shot image they took, only to find that they made the wrong army for the wrong base. Classic!

    Now can everyone please settle down and enjoy this update! Have you ever been able to successfully see what happens to an all Pekka army if you try making a base with a tiny pit surrounded by all your walls and defenses? Of course not! Nobody is stupid enough to waste that elixir putting their Pekkas in there! Now you can actually do that!

    Also, if people are too lazy or inactive–which I doubt is the case at the higher levels, the only place this "problem" is relevant–an easy fix would be to have the enemy bases be invisible until an hour or two before war starts.

    Overall, it seems as though all the non-clever people with no curiosity or imagination are upset.

  19. In order to avoid this sand boxing issue. Maybe coc could decrease the amount of war time we have to attack. Less war time = less time to "perfect" an attack on a specific base.

  20. Can SC detect auto touch?

  21. When for the love of God will they allow players to make preset raiding troops. It sure would be nice to press one button and have it cook your troops without hitting the same gd troops a million times.

  22. What if war became first team to three star all bases on the war map?

  23. this is possibly the worst video I've ever watched coming from a quote unquote quote high-caliber player. sounds more to me like you're getting off on the fact that you'll get to test your bases. what is wrong with you for even saying this this is going to absolutely destroy the game. it's going to go from being a skill game to a game where anybody and their mother could just drop troops in the right spot and win. if I was subscribed to your channel I would definitely be unsubscribing right now. Think about what you're saying.

  24. They might just disable this during war

  25. you know i really liked this until i thought about how this seems like a huge copout from SC basically saying "we don't wanna spend any of our billions on real anti hack software…so lets just let everyone mod and ruin the 1 plan attack style"

  26. Perhaps make it so if your account is currently in a war(prep or battle day) you cannot do more than one friendly battle per day?

  27. Modding all over again. One step forward two steps back. Whoever has the most free time will win wars. Should only be available after war and only bases in your particular war

  28. Just because it's on Clash Royale doesn't mean it's going to work for Clash Of Clans. I hate the idea of this update and there better be a lot of strong regulations otherwise they will ruin wars. I stand for competitive wars and this update shouldn't ever happen. I might need to make a video about it on my channel to further explain my opinion.

  29. I wonder if this would work as an idea: Instead of doing it like CR and issueing a challenge whenever in the chat, you have an internal clan war instead. You click on the war button and there are two options. A 'Search for war' and a 'Start a civil war' (I call it that as an idea lol). You get a one-sided war map and every player that's opted in has their war base open for everyone to attack. You get whatever you have in the cc as defense. No prep day. After your friends have all had their fill in 3*ing your base, a co-leader or leader can end the civil war whenever and start a war search instead.
    This would enable a 'training session' between wars and make it impossible to access any time during war for the whole clan. So no sandboxing and practicing with ppl that aren't participating in war.

    Idk, I rly like the idea of beating your clanmate's bases or trying out strats on them. I'd really like that to happen. But they really need to lock that feature outside of war and make it impossible to abuse.

  30. I would like to point out that I know for a fact people can still get away with modding. It has NOT been fixed. This is prob supercell just throwing a last second bandaid on the problem by giving everyone a way of doing it.

  31. Professional armies spend lots of time scouting out objectives to be attacked. They even go to lots of trouble to build 3D replicas to rehearse the attack. This will be kind of the same thing except you have options that can confuse the attacker. Once the war is declared they have 23 hours to replicate your base to the best of their ability. Just before the war starts you’ve the option to select one of the 3 war bases you’ve already designed. Now they have to start over and they have at maximum 24 hours to do it before the war ends. I do it whenever I remember to do it, put up a decoy base then change to another right before the war starts. There is still scouting skill involved unless you’re going up against an Internet base where booby trap positions are known. You can’t always accurately reconstruct the base you might have to attack. You’re still guessing where all the traps and bombs are and you don’t always know what’s in the CC although these days it’s pretty easy to guess. I’m still in wait and see mode however. I like the idea of being able to practice different strategies with only the initial cost of brewing troops and spells.

  32. xmg user maybe laughing now, and they will roll over the fkck florr if the update include the infamous "auto next" feature… oh sc u so dumb -_-

  33. LOL… update hadn't even dropped and look at all the people whining about it. Why not do what PB said he'll do: reserve judgement until it drops? Then at least you'll have real reasons to knot your panties rather than just pure guesswork.

  34. Without a 47-hour-delay-timer to this, it will ruin war, thats it. if this hits without it, its game over for me

  35. Just put some kind of cap on it and it would be perfect, like 48 time to attack a new base, or limit attacks only during war.

  36. Modders, how was your vacation?

  37. Who thought PB would become so friendly to supercell when supercell became friendly with him

  38. one way to fix that issue is to disable that friendly challenge feature if the clan is in a clan war.