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  1. U forgot the kwebblekop skin

  2. cool video i usually watch you're clash only but i do like this game.?

  3. nice Video

  4. And KwebbelKop

  5. slitherio makes me rage honestly so I don't play it I only like etching others play it.

  6. Nice video!

  7. this game makes me wanna break my phone

  8. OH MY

  9. I like live commentary better, because you sound more in to the game

  10. Good job I am terrible at that game

  11. Nice video. What ever happened to your YouTube!! Clan tho?

  12. hey bro can you do a tutorial on how to get to spell valley please im so close to go there but i dont. a good deck to push me to the arena please make a vid today or tomorrow btw thank you so much and i subed about a month ago and you vids are ?good

  13. I like it when you play live, your commentating is more fun and interesting, you are really good at this game

  14. Wow those are cool skins and nice gameplay love your vids keep it up

  15. First of all in your video 40 minutes ago you said slither was your favorite second it's not a P it's pewdiepies "Brofist"

  16. I like pewdiepies better

  17. nice vid

  18. First