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Masters League, best loot for TH9 Farming Post Update?! Live Daily Star Bonus & Loot Cart Gameplay

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  1. Going to Gold on you TH9 next? Pretty good loot down there.

  2. Love this series bro

  3. Can't wait to watch you trying out some new attack strategies ??

  4. I'm soon hitting 2600 trophies, so I'll throw a request to #doyouevenclash. Awsome vid! You going places man

  5. Whenever I do a raid in class I get super stressed out because I don't want to get Caught lol! Very Very Fenomenal video Man Keep the sick content Up! I think snoop dog chills under the Loot cart hahah

  6. nice video man?

  7. Can this be done with Lvl 12 queen and lvl 4 healers?


  9. Your videos are great, can I join your clan?

  10. Your videos are great, can I join your clan?

  11. What trophy League are you in?

  12. Hey mate love this ?

  13. nice video i am in masters as well