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MAX LVL 5 BABY DRAGONS + CLONE SPELLS!! (New Update Troll ) Clash of clans

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  1. They need to make elixer dark elixer and gold donating

  2. what's wrong with the screen resolution

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  6. The intros are just too awesome

  7. the level 5 video dragons have gold little rings around their wrists instead of level 4

  8. I'm one of your subscribers

  9. they must make a baby dragon tower

  10. they have rings

  11. this game looks so garbage after playing cr

  12. Hi
    the max lvl dragon have gold rings

  13. I love your vids!! Keep up the great work.?

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  16. Ik the difference it was his fire ball

  17. I think the level 5 one has a ring on it's hand and the level 4 doesn't have it

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  21. the baby dragon died in the beginning in 1 sec from the inferno

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    (Oh my god he atack nery)

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  24. So many COC vids , is this a dream?

  25. 36th comment

  26. why he always got the upgrades before everyone else

  27. I screen shoted what u needed to upgrade

  28. 3 dislikes and they haven't seen the whole video, Morons :D

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  38. what the hell is going on??? as soon as he pop the queens ability, pink archers came instead of purple

  39. I thought it was suppose to. be new level 5 regular dragon not baby drag

  40. i dont care about stupid troll videos , when is the fuckin update gonna drop????

  41. godson… he gets golden rings around his arm….

  42. 1:20 the baby dragons were making baby dragons????

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  44. actually they have rings in there arms

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