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Max Th11 Gameplay – Level 19 Grand Warden + 9 Level 3 Witches In Action

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  1. Nice video. I would like to see more th11 attacks

  2. let me know when I can join so you can teach me new attacks

  3. More low hero vids pls

  4. your channel is amazing love it ❤

  5. Ixbow lol

  6. Gadi, pls use full resolution in video. Pozhaluista, spasibo za tvoi video??

  7. Thanks gadi! ;)

  8. there is anyway for being helped to 3 star a maxed th9 that isn't available on your website?… I really can't realize how to attack that village

  9. y isn't this vid available

  10. Ihr sucht einen CW Clan?? Dann kommt zu Fatal-Shots.

    wir sind ein lvl 7 Ü18 Clan und suchen neue starke Mitglieder!

    Wir freuen uns auf euch!

  11. Hello, please review the base th9 (anti 3 star)

  12. Great! When is the next livestream?

  13. hey, why did you not show good base t.h. 11(town hall)

  14. he's not max th11 gadi