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Max Town Hall 11 Journey – Episode 1 – Clash of Clans

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  1. Just gem it u gemmer

  2. You are by far the best clash of clans youtuber I have ever seen. All the other clash of clans youtubers just gem and make videos around one attack and just rant for the other 5 minutes about pointless stuff, but you actually understand farming and the struggles that dedicated clashers go through. And you explain everything leaving your viewers with little to no questions. Keep up the good work man, and don't every stop posting videos.

  3. Really amazing video dude! Keep on with the good work <3

  4. Hey ash is it fun being town hall 11 because I am trying to max town hall 8 , I am trying to get to th11 really fast

  5. What's the sweet spot to farm now?

  6. were the next episode

  7. Where are you farming at now after the update? Before the update (as a th10) i was getting crazy loot in silver league, and now i cant find any loot there, in gold, or crystal league. (loot meaning dead bases, im a new th10, so storage farming is difficult for me.)

  8. Great to see constant uploads from you. ? I'll definitely be watching the whole journey, and all the best maxing th11.

  9. What league is best for farming on th11? I rushed for th11 because i want grand warden to max asap.. im pretty hardcore farmer

  10. Nice vid Ash, but are you going to make TH8/9 farming strategies for the new update?

  11. would really like to see you attack some th11s to see how you deal with the new defence

  12. Don't worry ash we know you wouldn't gem resources

  13. So, when might we see a TH7 post-update base? I'm currently using a hybrid base that's a few months old but it sucks. First time I've ever been 2 starred with giants and heal spells since I left TH6.

  14. in what league should i farm ? I am th9

  15. Is barch still effective for farming?

  16. Why the drop from Titan League and why not farm in Champion League

  17. Ash, I'm th10 with heros 28/30. I want to max them before moving to th11. What method post update is best for de farming? I'm currently moving up to masters for the league bonus.

  18. Ash, what do you think is the best league to farm at TH9 and TH10 after the UPDATE? I'm at TH10 and I want to prioritize on gold/elixer since I have max lvl heroes

  19. Can you make video th 11 war