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Maxing Eagle Artillery, Journey to Max TownHall 11 #8 – Clash of Clans

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  1. Name of the music which is on background while you are talking

  2. you said That you don t like the 200 Club clans but in one attack you are in a 200 Club.

  3. Hey Brandon! why do you keep farming for dark elixir? you have both heroes at level 40

  4. Great vid

  5. How do you find this much dead bases? How long do you search for them?

  6. ه

  7. Hi brandon

  8. Brandon what is ur favorite army at farming and pushing?

  9. Hi Brandon, why you keep farming for De? You have 40-40 heros, a fan from italy

  10. Hey Brandon each device are using and what is your app are you using for record it NICE VIDEO!

  11. Hope you enjoyed your oversea trip

  12. NOOB☺

  13. I have been searching you in SG Gladiators, but i couldn't find you. Have you switch the clans? I really want to see your base in CoC

  14. boa manoow

  15. Gr8 vid Brandon, do you watch TV while playing game or concentrate on game only. Keep up the gud work ??????

  16. Brandon nice videos man really entertaining en enjoyable ?

  17. +Dan Lindh Nice*

  18. Noci video!

  19. Hey Brandon. What's best attack statergy in th8?

  20. cool game

  21. nice dude

  22. First

  23. 1