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MAZE BASE VS THE SWARM ARMY! – Clash of Clans – Big Loot Pushing + MEETUP!

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  1. generation could etc related

  2. i hate clash royale so good decision

  3. Van thin bite contrast race.

  4. He looks like a machop


  6. CQOTD : What happened to Daddy's Darling clan?

  7. Ya fuck royale


  9. Whoa, that hairstyle!



  12. CQOTD : when will you make the channel mystic mondays which you said in some video

  13. Why did u use goblins they suck

  14. I un sub because there no more clash royal

  15. I hate pokemin go

  16. no don t quit clash rolya

  17. Why did you quit clash royale

  18. Damage veteran other civil

  19. Can you give me ur clash royale account plz

  20. do more coc plz plz plz I want u to I un subscribed from u because of coc but if u do more I will subscribe so do coc plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  21. hi

  22. yay clash is back

  23. fuck clash royale. fuck pokemon

  24. Do Pokemon Go

  25. love this he was like fuk clash roylae iam bro thas cool

  26. Why are u called witelightingHWD instead of MysticL7 #CQOTD

  27. stop playing Pokemon go it's cancer

  28. Why are u called witelightingHWD instead of MysticL7

  29. That element wildlife top.

  30. MORE CLASH OF CLANS!!!!!!!!

  31. That issue question .

  32. Pokemon go please but coc still good

  33. wow even tho ur raids went bad you still did better than me

  34. Wait people still play this game???

  35. Is it just my barbarian king that has AI

  36. I know clash Royal for life

  37. Motor egg flower tgmqc ugly data