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Mega Defense #4, Which Base Would You Use? – Clash of Clans

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  1. Which league best to find alot of dead bases and i recently reach th9.

  2. Brandon just wondering are u board of coc now u don't seem to be as in treated in the game as much any more

  3. Brandon can you do vlogs about your trip love your videos

  4. I have an idea for a series. You should rush a base to th10 or there abouts and try and recover from it. let me know what you think. would love to see you do this

  5. Hi Brandon! Do you know everything about the 2015 Christmas update? Thank you!

  6. Brandon! – Mega MiniMax

  7. Ja neviem uš

  8. brasil brasil

  9. Great videos keep it up :)

  10. Brandon u get a shield on 30 % in the new update

  11. Brandon's channel is out dated I mean 15 comments do some th11 uploads and u might grow

  12. Brandon why r u lagging behind, every one is showing th11 attack and defence. Don't u think u should walk with the crowd?

  13. Some of these were really painful to watch 😐
    But hey, for the glory of Mega :D

  14. Can u make th10 or 11 trophy farming base pls. :)

  15. Hey Brandon please answer my question I'm Lvl 123 all max troops but my walls are Lvl 8 which is bad an tips for me getting loot (fast) thanks !

  16. hi,你是华人吧?

  17. hi brandon, why havent you build infernos on brandon 3 , they will help protect the loot

  18. Music in background is: Alex Skrindo jumbo

  19. I'm gonna try and get level 120 at th8 wish me luck

  20. hey