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MiGoVa 3 Star by Ed – Miners + Golem + Valkyries – Th11 Attack Strategy – Clash of Clans

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  1. ed, i think your channel will more fun if you put song on your war videos. just recomended

  2. Nice attack ed! Dude your editing is improving man! Love your channel!

  3. glad to be 1st to dislike

  4. Who's that fucking fag talking on your outro

  5. Ed, wanted to thank you again for your videos, commented a while back that your gowipe series pushed me into champion league. I am now in titans1 as a th10 with 35/38 heroes using a hybrid army with golems, valks (9)wiz and miners, just 6. Keep up the great work and f… the haters!

  6. Another nice 1 Ed I'm loving these little guys hope they don't nerf

  7. Nice attack ed 🙂 i maxed my th11 today :)

  8. first