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Miner Mania in Clash of Clans?

The Miners have finally shown up in war in Clash of Clans and it is insanity! Hope you guys enjoy the action, nerf TH11?? Check out my Patreon page and help …


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  1. theyre definitely going to nerf the miner next update

  2. it is not working for th10 v/s th10

  3. Hey Jake have you heard of the BoNer strat? A th11 uses bowlers and the Grand Warden to clean the core and miners to clean the rest. (Also the name of the strat is a winner)

  4. Let me guess, next week it'll be mass baby drags ⭐️⭐️⭐️

  5. I have tried miners on a slightly rushed th10 account (225 army camp capacity, heroes lvl17 etc.) and lvl1 miners with the same strategy cleaning up mid to high th9s and even without much planning I could easily swag 2 spells, maybe 3 and stil, have 20 miners left in the end.

  6. anyone join my clan MEGA EMPIRE

  7. If you just spam hogs with a warden it works too, except with huge bomb infernos, so it really isn't that surprising.

  8. Its no different than spamming in hogs. Same exact attack. I don't see what the issue is.

  9. No way, a Th11 with max heroes and GW dipped down and 3 starred a TH10?? I can't believe it…. How could you even think about calling for a nerf?? Let's see those miners against a max TH11. Really upsets me that someone like yourself, thinks a max TH11 troop with max heroes, shouldn't easily walk all over the TH below it.

  10. Its mainly the warden who needs a huge nerv on his ability.

  11. Keep in mind this is 11 dipping down. This is remarkably similar to attacking 10 down to 9. The idea I take away from this is that if 11s going down to 10 is that similar to 10s going down to 9 then it should be more than possible for 11s to consistently 3 star 11s as it should be in war I've never been a fan of trying to say the meta is for 11s to dip down and 10s to go for 2 stars against an 11. Thats not high level play that is laziness not trying to figure out how to take on TH11 bases.

  12. They call me the shoveler I shovel I shovel well

  13. I think the whole strategy is a bit more complex. The great thing about the miners is that they shake off all attacking buildings when going underground, which means they can be tanked much easier. The whole point of the golem is not so much killing cc troops but tanking for the miners.

  14. In my opinion while underground miners should be able to take damage but greatly reduced damage.(Although I'm not sure how the animation team would be able to make defenses shoot underground).But these spam attacks are getting out of hand now. Also maybe make an underground trap specifically for them?Nonetheless something has to be done.

  15. This is the same as a th9 hitting a th8, they aren't over powered, just should be able to demolish a town hall below you

  16. #NerfGrandWarden

  17. Th11 is shit honestly… buff heroes & strong troops let them spam shit & pull off 3*s

  18. As a th10 I been having a lot of success with valks and miners. Not gonna lie tho, I miss those th9 days. Now it's just one spam after another.

  19. TH11 Max Miners vs a Th10 base? Please show us something vs Th11, ideally showing lower level Miners in action (I don't gem troops). Thanks

  20. Been saying this from the beginning. How are you supposed to stop these things? the only time they can be targeted is on a building, so if you mass them up so they destroy buildings hella quick they go HAM. Nerf inbound

  21. seen this work on maxed TH11s too. I bet it's not as successful but it can definitely 3*

  22. You need better thumb nails and more catchy titles just some tips

  23. Nice dip

  24. Is their teamspeak actually 'published'/known?

  25. I hate the people can spam troops and get a 3 st at

  26. Yo I know someone who still three stars th10s as a th11 with mass witches, the moral of the story is, every spam attack is op with the warden.

  27. the problem is the dipping thing, imo. higher townhalls have always been strong enough to easily kill a th one level below, maybe it should be even harder for th10s to gain 2 stars against 11s, so that th11 cannot use two attacks on the th10s, because they have to take care of the 11s not the 10s. that punishing thing you suggested about dips could also be a solution, jake.

  28. Oh come on, attacking a lower town hall level should always be 3*. If you can 3 star an equal th level with a mass attack then the troop needs a nerf, but on a dip no.

  29. Coffe and clash question: what app dl you stream on you always talk about your streams but i dont know where to find them maybe put the link in the description keep up the good work jake!

  30. First witches, then valks, then bowlers and now miners! What's next?

  31. It seems pretty irresponsible to constantly be calling for nerfs of every new troop, when the playerbase has made very few attempts to adjust base design to stop them.

  32. He failed on his 2nd attack: 80% 2 star vs a weaker base. Sorry Jake but he is not 4 for 4 getting 3 stars on that strat.

  33. COC became spam game without strategy, first valks, now bowlers and miners….

  34. This involves no skill… I am a hardcore war guy, and I am starting to really dislike this game with these spam attacks

  35. It amazes me why Supercell doesn't really test out their troops before they release them. Atleast someone should have tried a mass miner strategy before they released them. Craziness!

  36. Lots of people seem to think these new th11 spam attacks are crap but a maxed out base has always been able to spam and three star a townhall below it.

    A th9 could spam valks and 3 star a th8 and a th8 could spam drags and 3 star a th7 it's nothing new.

  37. its a max th11 attacking a th10… honestly i dont see how this is so OP. Im a th10 and can 3 star 9s with ease, that should always be the case when moving down a level

  38. Too them long enough to figure out. We have been using them vs th 10 in my clan since the uldate I know dirty gemmers. Anyways I hope it doesn't catch on it was nice being unique for a bit

  39. Rainbow six siege plz :)

  40. Taken it's time! Thought it'd be used from straight away.

  41. Just maxed my miners last night and was doing the same thing in friendly challenges. Did it for about an hour never failed once , on any of my clanmates , no matter the base design. Anti 3's , Trophy bases , Anti 2s. Easy 3. Also works with lvl 2's on max 9s for th10's dipping. That's what made me try it was a th10 clanmate using it to dip and 3 star max 9s.

  42. The problem I had with the miners, I was using a few with my raid attacks, I got down to the last few defences, a cannon had locked onto a golemite and an archer tower targeted a miner. The miner went underground before he got killed and the archer tower didn't change target to the golemite even though it was right next to the tower. It followed the miner as it moved underground and killed it as it popped back up.
    I was a bit confused. Unless it's meant to do that? I don't actually know too much about the miners.

  43. How is TH 11 VS TH 10 Overpowered? Why nerf if it isn't 3 starring the same TH level?

  44. shouldn't it be easy to dip triple a th10 with a th11? i don't really see the problem when a max 11 triples a th10 easily.

  45. Jake, but this is a TH11 vs 10, not other th11, so I don't think this is overpowered

  46. clash is broken

  47. Wow lol

  48. Show me that attack on a Th11 pls ! Th11s should easily 3-star Th10s !

  49. Yea Jake my clan mate used that strat and he's been perf with it, if you wanna come by and snag a replay we'll be more than happy to share it

  50. As long as they dont wreck th 11s i dont see a problem because you can spam valks on a th 8 as a th 9 and win every time as well. Dipping down shouldnt be challenging.