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  1. I see a new upgrade for the cannons

  2. Hm, not as bad as I thought. so much stuff to upgrade ??

  3. In which tier will the new troops be placed??? Obviously, miner and baby dragon have their specialities which means they can be placed in tier 2 but they are tanky… So, tier 3; both apply but any one……. So, why not tier 4???

  4. Lemme think
    A next troop


  5. Tbh, I'm not too fond of these new troops ecspecially the baby dragon. I am happy to get new troop even tho they're only for high TH levels, but they don't seem useful, original and really just a gimmick. I'd like to see more original troops that are added for balancing and strategy, More than for testing and just for fun. Also baby dragon needs to to be added to th8 at least, if not lower

  6. Heavily dislike the miners. Not only because they seem like an odd troop for this game, but also because of how they attack. Seems OP and un-original. They are kinda like hogs in that they can go thought walls, but also can't be hit while they move. IDK guys SC might be trying to hard. More importantly; I'm afraid they are making too many changes to the game all at onece an will affect the balance of the game.

  7. so.when to update game

  8. I wish they'd balance current troops first like witches valks goblins and bowlers before they bombard us with new troops…

  9. Man U should make a video about ur thoughts on this new update

  10. They should really start adding this kind of troops every big update. I mean, with new mechanics. Adding new mechanics to the game will make it better. I love both the new troops. But I hope they'll add some in the lower level th's. I have a th10 myself but those who are in lower th's never got anything. I know it's hard to balance but at least give them something. I know how it feels to have new updates without really getting something you can use. Besides, the attack strategies in lower th's is quite limited which makes most of the players bored and tbh, it really is boring until you reach th8 and it takes forever to reach th8.

  11. Isnt this like a rebirth of hogs? Didnt hogs use to target any building back when they first came out?

  12. Im in love with the new troops for coc! ? they both seem so fun to use!

  13. Hi ash! I agree with you, I also favor the miner over the baby dragon. Offensively, as a th9 I can't wait to use the miners in my cc in the backfield of an attack. Defensively, I think 3 max baby dragons will definitely cause some problems at the th9 level. Keep up the great work Ash!

  14. hey ash when should we expect the update?

  15. We want original troops! Bringing troops over from clash royale just keeps the staleness of the game… New, original ideas and artwork would be great. Awesome update though

  16. it's stupid

  17. Keep up the great work man. Probably my favorite Clash Youtuber, great content and style. Can't go wrong with Powerbang, OneHive, Galadon and Mystlc7 as well :D

  18. Fuck, what's the point of maxing my walls, its all maxed out but once I reach th 10, I'm not gonna upgrade them, those miners just go under it…..shit.

  19. it was funny when clash royale introduced the miner card, i remembered seeing people poat on the clash of clans facebook page about having a troop like this for ages. Its a reality now! at first, i thought "its in clash royale" but now its onto COC! its good to have new troops to have new ways of attacking. just hoping we wont just be seeing all miners or baby dragons for the next few months in wars or raids hehe.

  20. nvm th10 srew that

  21. what townhall is it available at?

  22. Called it

  23. Supercell: yeah clash of clans and clash royal are TOTALLY different games. A few moments later adds baby dragon and miner

  24. Let me start by saying I look at clash of clans from a 3 star war perspective. I only play the game for wars so that's the viewpoint I bring when commenting. I don't want troops that crossover. These are two different games and therefore different troops should be available. Although I'm happy with getting new troops the baby dragon seems useless unless it's in a defensive clan castle. Other troops that are less valuable in terms of troop space can be used for funneling and it doesn't have enough value to use mass amounts of them in my opinion.

    The minor is OP in it's current state. They either need to give this troop a health nurf or create some short of underground trap to defend better against it.

    Thank you for the video!

  25. Lol, the clan name! ???

  26. Th9 gets screwed again, I wish we had got something other then a dark spell in this update ☹️

  27. At first, i thought the miner was going to have the same type of deployment as CR which i i like in CR but not something that should be implemented in CoC which im glad they didn't. This update will be very cool and i cant wait

  28. I quit coc because they keep making troops to counter walls. No point in me maxing out my th 9

  29. ash u need to talk to super cell the other town hall need new troops not only th10 and th11 only

  30. HEY ASH when does this update coming

  31. Wish they'd create new characters that do the same thing and not take from clash royale. New art would be really interesting to look at and it would make me more excited about seeing them in battle. Like a mole with a drill head or a 3 headed dragon. Or like a griffon. Idk so many things that can be created. Would be cool to see new stuff making the game seem fresh and less old like clash royale that has already been out a little while. Makes me wish I didn't play clash royale so these troops would look semi new to me :).

  32. No lvl 8 giants and lvl 7 wb? man I saw it at godson's video

  33. That's going to be OP… The new mass valks

  34. Bring the Royal Giant will make more sense!!!

  35. cmon! What about the context of the game? Dragons, Arquers, Barbarians, kings, queens….its ok……but miner? planes next?

  36. This is more of a Boom Beach character. This character doesn't fit in with the rest of the characters.

  37. What'sabi ash I'm looking for a monsters th10 lay out base , I'm just make the upgrade of the TH. Warms Regards from Puerto Rico keep posting those cool videos. check it!