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MINER VS BABY DRAGON! – Clash of Clans – Which New Update Troop is Better? TROOP CHALLENGE!

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  1. pekka and golem

  2. how come u left daddys darlings

  3. 4:37

  4. ???????

  5. join my clan bro devils of war lvl 2 clan bout 30 mem

  6. Do Dragon s and witches

  7. I'm the 600 yes

  8. Do a Dragon vs Baby Dragon troop challenge

  9. Ayy I'm from Australia

  10. Please Please Do The Bowler V The Miner!!!!!!!

  11. CQOTD: What new games are you bring to the channel? love your videos!

  12. im about to be a th8. i was wondering which one is better to buy? p.e.k.k.a or valkyrie? pls reply.

  13. do golem and lava hound with haset spells and clone

  14. what did you use to create your intro

  15. I'm Aussie Brandon!!!


  17. spell plus use that new spells

  18. He litterly bought 14000 jems like " a Small loan of a hundred dollars"

  19. The thing is that you forgot that the dragons have the rage thing when alone if you spread them out the results would've been different

  20. dragon and baby dragon

  21. dragon vs baby dragon

  22. Normal dragons vs baby dragons


  24. baby dragon wins, he can fly

  25. Aussie aussie aussie

  26. 6:12 dylan and other guy go missing, illumati confirmed?

  27. Hey myslc can u do mass miners and clone spell and rage spells and also same thing with baby DRAGONS !

  28. CQOTD: What new original things do you hope to do with this new friendly battle feature?

  29. Finnish the minner change dude

  30. Do P.E.K.K.A.s vs Golems (also if you wanna be cool do, PEKKAs in CoC vs PEKKAs in CR, damage per second, and other stats)

  31. the cqotd didn't you already answer this

  32. CQOTD: Do you think they should make it like how many people are playing on clash royal and put it on coc

  33. Heros are allowed: )

  34. Can we join clan M7

  35. Wite do the all barbarians vs. archers and 2 freeze 1 rage

  36. peka vs drangon

  37. you should make that a subscriber clan

  38. Balloons vs baby dragon

  39. CQOTD: Have you ever considered doing base reviews on youre channel to help viewers improve their base

  40. i love how the queen pick the max level wall instead of the lvl 7 wall. logic 10/10

  41. It's not really fair because he had more miners than baby dragons

  42. u should do golem and Pekka