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MINER VS BABY DRAGON! – Clash of Clans – Which New Update Troop is Better? TROOP CHALLENGE!

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  1. pekka and golem´╗┐

  2. how come u left daddys darlings´╗┐

  3. 4:37´╗┐

  4. ???????´╗┐

  5. join my clan bro devils of war lvl 2 clan bout 30 mem´╗┐

  6. Do Dragon s and witches´╗┐

  7. I'm the 600 yes´╗┐

  8. Do a Dragon vs Baby Dragon troop challenge´╗┐

  9. Ayy I'm from Australia´╗┐

  10. Please Please Do The Bowler V The Miner!!!!!!!´╗┐

  11. CQOTD: What new games are you bring to the channel? love your videos!´╗┐

  12. im about to be a th8. i was wondering which one is better to buy? p.e.k.k.a or valkyrie? pls reply.´╗┐

  13. do golem and lava hound with haset spells and clone´╗┐

  14. what did you use to create your intro´╗┐

  15. I'm Aussie Brandon!!!´╗┐


  17. spell plus use that new spells´╗┐

  18. He litterly bought 14000 jems like " a Small loan of a hundred dollars"´╗┐

  19. The thing is that you forgot that the dragons have the rage thing when alone if you spread them out the results would've been different´╗┐

  20. dragon and baby dragon´╗┐

  21. dragon vs baby dragon´╗┐

  22. Normal dragons vs baby dragons´╗┐

  23. MINER IS EPIC´╗┐

  24. baby dragon wins, he can fly´╗┐

  25. Aussie aussie aussie´╗┐

  26. 6:12 dylan and other guy go missing, illumati confirmed?´╗┐

  27. Hey myslc can u do mass miners and clone spell and rage spells and also same thing with baby DRAGONS !´╗┐

  28. CQOTD: What new original things do you hope to do with this new friendly battle feature?´╗┐

  29. Finnish the minner change dude´╗┐

  30. Do P.E.K.K.A.s vs Golems (also if you wanna be cool do, PEKKAs in CoC vs PEKKAs in CR, damage per second, and other stats)´╗┐

  31. the cqotd didn't you already answer this´╗┐

  32. CQOTD: Do you think they should make it like how many people are playing on clash royal and put it on coc´╗┐

  33. Heros are allowed: )´╗┐

  34. Can we join clan M7´╗┐

  35. Wite do the all barbarians vs. archers and 2 freeze 1 rage´╗┐

  36. peka vs drangon´╗┐

  37. you should make that a subscriber clan´╗┐

  38. Balloons vs baby dragon´╗┐

  39. CQOTD: Have you ever considered doing base reviews on youre channel to help viewers improve their base´╗┐

  40. i love how the queen pick the max level wall instead of the lvl 7 wall. logic 10/10´╗┐

  41. It's not really fair because he had more miners than baby dragons´╗┐

  42. u should do golem and Pekka´╗┐