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Mini rune showcase and Guild War attacks in Summoners War!

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  1. Hi,can you show your runes on Talc and Tractor? And can i replace Ariel from your water super team with Emma or Tetra?

  2. Briand runes plz

  3. Guys if you wanna see Knightly's runes, he is usually in the top 100 in Arena in Global server!!

  4. Why dont you got your Chow locked??? You cant be a Knight without him!!

  5. Poseidon is pronounced- PO-SI-DUN. Not PO-SI-DEE-UN.

  6. Use Your Lora for god Sake

  7. I really enjoy ur vids. One thing i would really like is some background music like ydcb vids

  8. Can u tell me the runes of fria in the last arena video? the guy who you skipped who had fria chloe rina and camila.please dude im in Eu and i cant see.

  9. Can you show your Katrina?

  10. i asked also for Fire foxy runes 🙁 can u show em please?

  11. pls stop using always the Same monster, your Videos are getting boring

  12. And as always REMEMBER, If you want to win your fight WATCH THE KNIGHT !

  13. Nooooo!!! Why no Lora???

  14. What's your chow runes? and do u have beth or no?

  15. Hi, Can I know your Charlotte runes and some Charlotte tips? I got her this weekend and Im trying to build her like a nuker.

  16. My Eladriel has 202 spd but he only has 35% Resistance. Should I sacrifice some spd for more resistance?

  17. Man this theo with atk critdmg atk and almost 200 speed, it's crazy.

  18. I wanted to see Katarina's runes

  19. hey Knight, I attacked you yesterday, if you see me I'm Hablaperra

  20. runes for shiwah?

  21. that tesa hits hard. wow. =)

  22. hey knight !

  23. Wind super team is awesome….I would love a fire or wind monkey king!

  24. yo

  25. herrrrro