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Mod Bans Start! + New Home for Me?!?! | Clash of Clans

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  1. Welcome to "hard to believe" ;)

  2. doesn't matter where u go as long as you're back in the epic war scene

  3. Congrats on finding a new home clan Matty! Your a beast raider man, I've watched every one of your videos for the past 4 months and now because of you I'm better at queen walking and govaho's, so cheers for that bro!!

  4. Awesome Clan with great war attackers! Great choise! ?

  5. feel the coc, play wit coc

  6. Wait isn't pwc is mixed clan right?

  7. Kind of ironic joining clan considered to have had most closets prior to this update(s). Sort of disappointing would like to see you else where. Good luck though all the best

  8. Y u left Emphatic?

  9. matty check out sdrawkcab lv10 clan. fair play!!!

  10. 8====✊?====D??? welcome to the clan, once pwc always pwc!

  11. Why not return to Emphatic Elite, the clan you founded… It just doesn't feel right to see you as the YouTuber for Power Coc, when Emphatic was your original home and the clan you got involved with near the start of your YouTube days.

  12. All pro Wars players are using it. stop fooling yourself kido!

  13. I stopped playing clash for months and i come back to see this?! Wtf happened bro!

  14. Welcome to PwC matty cunt I told ya ;)

  15. lol what is with Emphatic it was such a great clan.

  16. I thought you founded emphatic though?

  17. I love you

  18. I started following u not that long ago didnt know u were in emphatic

  19. Welcome matty:)

  20. C'Ya Modders …..Come Join my Clan Bud 7NationsArmy69 !!

  21. was EE a modding clan?

  22. Welcome to the DWA Matty?

  23. Hey matty it's Drew from emphatic groupme..glad to see you found a home?

  24. why r u left EE? I don't understand it ?

  25. how come u cant come back to emphatic?

  26. Great War matty!! I'm from lp3 Chiron (; sorry about that 99% that you got on my base

  27. We look forward to having you for the foreseeable future Matty.

  28. Glad to hear that you found your clan!

  29. Matty pwc forever? Rip Andwoo yt