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Modern Warfare 2 | I FEEL SO DUMB | COD Cut-Coms are BACK!!!

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  1. really?

  2. do you have a ps3 if so can you do an open lobby or 1v1 me bro

  3. Please subscribe to my channel and like some of my videos if your feeling generous! Thanks!

  4. I like watching call of duty

  5. When the cable doesnt work xD

  6. love your videos keep it up

  7. your channels kind a getting boring please play shooting games. e.g wodern war fare 2

  8. Make more clash of clans

  9. new to ur channel and i'm likeing your video keep it up

  10. u must hav sensitive skin… God i hope it doesnt get too humid hot here in NY O.o

    shame on u for the cable XD

  11. i know what iches your taling about

  12. #AskAtta Can you plz have war with chris's clan?

  13. atta I joined your clan, I'm excited too, how often u guys war and stuff like that??

  14. Try to play roblox if u want to….. ?

  15. CQOTD: How is Nesquick Doing Can You Ask Him And Tell Us?

  16. Can you help me grow my channel bro?

  17. Atta

  18. CQOTD: will you do a vlog of you and your friends playing games like yall usually do like pickle ball?

  19. amazing gameplay

  20. amazing gameplay

  21. hashirama? depressed

  22. Hashirama!

  23. harsharama senju!!!!!

  24. 11th comment?

  25. hi

  26. nice intro lol

  27. wassup Atta

  28. 25

  29. 25

  30. yey hey ther

  31. awesome video

  32. First