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Modern Warfare 2 | The Old Days

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  1. That sniper sound thoe…

  2. i was common question of the day yayay for the first time in forever

  3. CQOTD- Nesquick or Juoah? In all seriously tho jokes aside Biggie or Tupac?

  4. CQOTD if you had a chance to join FaZe would or would you not

  5. CQOTD:What is your favorite version of fl studio?and do you use any other software for making music(logic pro,maschine)?

  6. so many memories, thanks for the vid!

  7. I remembered my question!

    How do you feel about the diamond sword in bo3 being nerfed by supercell

  8. Take the hint Faze lol

  9. a f*ckin trickshot is what proves call of duty has no replay value and the only way to derive true satisfaction from a kill is to twirl around like a ballerina and hip shot someone honestly, I'm not even gonna complain anymore at least call of duty acts as a daycare for little kids and I won't have to see them in better games

  10. MW1-2-3=LIFE!!!!

  11. CQOTD: do you think your music will ever be able to become a full time jin

  12. amazing gameplay

  13. remember me

  14. for a reason mw2 looks better then bo3 but its not

  15. CQOTD: What inspired you to begin YouTube?

  16. CQOTD: Jeff or cam?

  17. Love Modern warfare 2! One of the best games ever!

  18. CQOTD: Will you ever let your subscribers use your music for their videos?

  19. Epic throwback montage ?

  20. damn those quick scopes

  21. you should do some campaign mode .???

  22. CQOTD: if you had to choose a different game beside COD what game would it be and why

  23. I miss this game so much tar 21 was bae

  24. not to be mean, but u r either cutting the clips where u died and posted when u were killing. or you're just great! no doubt its the first one. so great gameplay once again! and plz dont forget me when u become famous ?????

  25. CQOTD: What would be your favorite call of duty game?

  26. I still playing MW 2 HAHha my pc proporties is for dick :(

  27. CQOTD: what games do you like besides MW2 and Black Ops 3

  28. my favorite youtuber

  29. Fart

  30. I'm the frist

  31. Selo

  32. Hello

  33. fsirt