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Monster Legends | Monsterwood Tasks

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  1. Social point just ripped me off, I just got my stronghold to lvl5 in game of war and didn't get sh i t

  2. Wait ur profile pic is a dragon i always thought it was a horse! Madenla effect

  3. Survival dungeon stream?

  4. There's a lot of scams and virus sites, so if you're going to do a Monsterwood Task, be careful!

  5. Good thing your using more recent ncs songs, i think it makes the video alot better, keep making awesome videos armour!!

  6. Do nebotus lvl 1-100 please

  7. when is h20 delirious coming out

  8. the task i get always like repeated one .i dont get alot of task .Armor how come you have more task than me and have better rewards

  9. armor.who i should buy atlas or mercurius or tephra

  10. Is hayman op?

  11. I got a stronghold level 10 on Mobile Syrike and got the 1196 gems

  12. i have just one offer and i have been looking for offers 15 to 20 and there is just 1 offer

  13. Hello,what platform you play Monster Legends on?

  14. Armor I just discovered something please don't feature it in a vid as social point might fix this but if you have 2 devises(maybe more haven't tested yet) you can log into facebook on both of them and get the same account. You can then repeat offers like game of war fire age for example upgrade to lvl 5 took around ten mins and get 200 and something gems then do the same on the same on the exact same account. The only requirement is that you need more devises, the more, the better. However, this has only been tested by me on my iPhone so I'm not sure if it works on other stuff but it worked on my phone. I now have 400 gems coz I spent some. Anyway, I hope you are having a nice day and peace

  15. that game you played is a COC rip off

  16. armour why do i only have 2 gems offers???????????????????????????(((

  17. waiting for this.since ageq

  18. armor are you ready for next 72 hours challenge m8?

  19. Armor, do you still accepting new members in to your team? I want to join you. It said that your team is 25/30. It always said "Applied" but I'm not in. Could you help??

  20. I see lots asking for valid information and less of those that have trailers

  21. I really hope SP makes a monster out of you. A majestic dragon would be fookin awesome man

  22. why in my minster legends app i dont have a monster wood?

  23. Hi

  24. Heyy friends, on the post apocalypse island, I'm currently 55 out of 125 items there on Nexor Cox. Do you guys think that I will be able to get him without spending more than 50 gems?

  25. what kind of phone u have plz tall me

  26. no offers it seems not to work for me

  27. the surveys never give me gems

  28. armor my task give more gems by playing game of war I got 414 gems and the reason I got more is because I'm in a different region :-

  29. pls help i go into the offers but there are no offers showing up.

  30. im so early