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  1. you should of stopped the timer when the attack was loading

  2. Wtf is he eating that's annoying asf I love you WITE but damn eat after the video keep it classy

  3. CQOTD:What if your storages were full and extra loot could go to clan castle

  4. Join my clan destroyer new war and active clan it has blue fire symbol anyone can join 800 trophies help us grow join now

  5. Im huge fan

  6. can I join your clan

  7. truly right tour numgoq late

  8. ily

  9. It took me 1 minute to get my warden to 20

  10. Just 59 ?

  11. that cannon was going to 14 ??

  12. my uncle got 300 from defending

  13. Can you drop to zero troops in clash Royal

  14. Why could you be wearing a Chicago Bears shirt?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?

  15. 0 to Hero !!

  16. Would You Rather Be A TH 1 with Unlimited resources or Be A TH 11 with no resources?

  17. mytic 7 what troop would you make why and what would it look like

  18. why is your clan closed

  19. cqotd: would you consider having a vid a long vid evry month or two just answering our questions you could just post a vid before the long one and we post or questions and then after a while you make the long vid and awnser them

  20. what is the intro song

  21. What's the song at the end?

  22. Lol

  23. Hey guys, I have some clash of clans attack strategys for the th9. And also clash royals decks that will help you get from arena 7 to 8.

  24. CQOTD: When are you going to upgrade your minions to level 7 in your outro?