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MUAW’s Friendly Challenge: 10 EQ’s

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  1. Niiiiceee owsum attack upload some more lol

  2. love it!

  3. snip, is a beast. love war whales

  4. Really great idea, lots of fun to watch! Having a more realistic defensive cc would make things a bit more interesting though

  5. good one!

  6. freeze spell challenge ?

  7. LOL at #nerfsnip

  8. Hi Snip great vid live your channel, I think I've watched everyone. I'm Frankieboy from Reddit Force, I post all your vids in group me and the clan loves ya. Thankyou Keep up the great work.?

  9. Love the idea, Looking forward to more in the future!

  10. thanks for all the vids Snip, i spend a lot of time studying these attack. the blu3vealer is my favorite. i do run out of time a lot though. any thoughts on how to do the attack a little more quickly?

  11. Yolo Swag Snip > Hours on Teamspeak ?

  12. It took OH 5 hits while you did it wasting 2 quakes on nothing lololol

  13. may i know,who is muaw..?

  14. get ur badge bro. -.-

  15. audio quality is pretty shi

  16. YAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS! Dis gunna be fun

  17. This series is gonna be interesting

  18. which clan is muaw at rn?

  19. nice attack snip. love the series tho. #nerfsnip

  20. Hey Snip, love the video, and of course, the Pikachu. Just a quick question, which CC composition defends better against valks, Golem + Loon or Baby Drag + Valk?