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  1. Hey Ash, found your channel recently! Just wanted to say keep up the good work man & soon you will be able to cut down on hours at work and make Youtube your primary job. Happy New Years!

  2. Wow! I'm not sure if you remember me but I was an early sub to your channel, and you have grown so much since them. Unfortunately, I quit CoC a few months ago because of how much time out wasted. Because of that I unsubbed all the CoC channels I was subbed to, not because I disliked them,,but because I couldn't stand the game. Sorry for not staying with you for more than i wanted to. But I really want to wish you a great 2016 year! Happy New years, Ash!

  3. I was getting skeptical about the feedback some may give you about this until I saw the Patreon rewards. Not going to lie; those are some pretty awesome rewards! Anyways, great job so far and hope this new system works out well :^)

  4. hello ash Happy new year ash..
    nice vid ash..

  5. Ash, where did you get your shirt from??
    I love it.

  6. Ash, we over in Clan Paradox fully support you brother. As I have just pledged to help you reach your goal. Your videos are shared regularly on our Clan Facebook Page, and it's helping my clan develop as a tough war clan to face. Clash has become a standard game in my house along with my wife and we enjoy the videos you have had time to post. Keep it up and we hope that our contribution assists you.

  7. ash u always rock

  8. love the Boston Red Sox hat

  9. Roflmao! You have a job! MIND BLOWN. I figured you had a sugar momma. Hahahaha Joking aside, I will be more than happy to help support. I make small videos for my clan (just for fun to show our best attacks each war), so I know exactly how much time goes into it. Personally I like the fact you don't have the gem give a way advertising. It's a little annoying and I feel takes away from the overall content. Looking forward to the new year and more videos!

  10. Ash 2016 starts already with 100k of subscribes, conagratulations for channel!!!

  11. Hey buddy I just signed up to pledge $5 a month. Wish I could do more. Can't wait for the Twitter follow!!!!!

  12. Love the work you do Ash. For me you are the best clash of clans youtuber out there and the way you explain stuff makes everything so easy. Keep up the good work and have a great New Year! ??

  13. never donated a penny to anyone for streaming or YouTube content but if there's one person I would donate too it would be only ash. Theres other community members who's content I appreciate don't get me wrong but they're all either super successful already and don't need it or they're pushing that cash for apps crap or some variation of it on kids exploiting them and that gets my back up massively lol I think this is the perfect route for you to take ash and I'm sure ittl be good for the channel, you've built up a great deal of good will just from being the decent guy we all know you to be and helped a lot of us out, time for us to give something back ;-)

  14. I like the idea and you should see a new Big supporter pop-up. :)

  15. Your videos are super awesome your one of the only youtubers that explain a lot of stuff hapenning in your videos 🙂 keep da good work !!!!

  16. Man, you're awesome! I wish you all the best! Have an extraordinary 2016! Btw what do you work with?

  17. #SupportAsh #OG_Subscriber I am sorry i cant help out now ash as i am still not of age .. but i will be sure to spread the word ! 😀
    #ClashOn ! :D

  18. Hey ash have you ever though of making a clan for subs? If so, am I invited?

  19. Ash that would be great! Yes definitely excited for your further videos! You have been my guide in Clash. And also Wishing you a Happy happy new year!

  20. super Idea ,I hate free gems videos so much.