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MY 4 LIVE ATTACKS! Can I get the 12 Pack!? Th9 & Th11 Strategy in Clash Of Clans

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  1. meh, not Clash Royale in subscriptions again

  2. Very good video ash:)

  3. ure one of the best coc channel left! please dont go and dont play that pokemon shit!

  4. fun vid

  5. Thanks for the thoughts on beak! I'm glad to know u are supporting ur colleagues! Keep up the great work!

  6. awesome video thanks ash!

  7. I'm an 8 town hall I can't get max miner or bowlers can you join my clan ash and give me them tomorrow for war pls

  8. Ash can i join your clan i am th 7 plz

  9. Hey Ash, love your content, keep up the great work! You and Powerbang are carrying Clash of Clans right now! – TGM

  10. Hey Ash, cool video. In my opinion you are the best CoC and CR YouTuber.
    I really like your style how you're creating your videos.

    Greetings from Germany, Melvin

  11. The first attack was pure unadulterated savagery…

  12. Ash what need to join ur clan??? Plz Say…..

  13. Great attacks ash

  14. Hi Ash,

    Anaconda from Aikuisetwar here, thanks for featuring us in your video!

    A few of us of course saw your video from yesterday 😀
    We were a bit surprised that you put the exact same base in the war. We are a group of three active war clans, there is at least half a dozen guys who follow your channel (also PowerBang and Apollyon for me at least).

    Looks like a good war so far, we are a bit underdog maybe but doing ok I'd say. I'm usually in our third clan because my TH9 is such low level (A couple of your players did not get three stars from me so maybe its not hopeless, my weirdo babyTH9). Guys needed me up to get 40v40 war, which was nice cause we got the against you guys 🙂

    Keep doing your god work, looking forward to more of your videos and good luck for you and yours in coming wars :)

  15. ash ur a really good coc and clash royale player man if it wasnt for u id still be using mass giants with healers bro ??


  17. and im asking causing im a bit hit and miss on that unfortunately

  18. ash might seem like a silly question but … could u do an old style daddy video, and record a th11 attack showing your finger/hand placement for miners? that seems to be key to me and would appreciate your perspective

  19. Hi madman ?

  20. Jump spells for miners is op ?

  21. what's happening with that lvl 1 wall? :D