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My Clash of Clans Update Poll Results are in!

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  1. Really hard. Couldn't say to be honest 😛 i like aspects and dislike aspects of it. Overall i probably like it more #like

  2. Update Sucks..
    I am not able to donate any troops in war is any one else have this problem.

    i am a well upgraded th8 and i aways get raided by th9.. lose about 1k+ de in every raid… i tried all types of bases nothing works..
    jst afer the update the loot was really awsom but nw i cant find any bases that can be barched.. currently i am at gold 2..
    anyone hlp me plz..

  3. definately less i cant farm and save my loot anymore??

  4. I like more after the update. The update balanced the game out more.

  5. #more I am at champions 2 with a th10 there is more cup offers now and a ton of loot so if it says like this I am happy..

  6. anyone saying less is whining about how they can't have a free shield. BOO HOO I HAVE TO FIGHT FAIR ??

  7. i stopped playing coc after update… fuck u supercell. RIP farming… whats d point of using ur most stronger troops in loot rather than in war?

  8. So much hate on the new update lol

  9. I like it, but it makes me feel pretty weak since I don't have the warden. I have a fairly good base (level 126) and now I get 70% from TH 11's. I don't want to upgrade yet. I do like the new loot system. They need a bigger bonus, especially up in champs. No loot and troops cost a lot and upgrades are insane. So I'm a mixed bag. My clan is awesome so that makes it enjoyable to play.

  10. #More if they have a Christmas theme

  11. lesss

  12. Captain clash please tell me the song you use for your intro? Please and thank you

  13. I always get raided by town halls higher than me

  14. I don't like the update because now I have to keep my townhall inside I'm a maxed th8 and now I'm starting to get attacked by th9s who use gowipe mostly. so annoying sometimes they fail lol

  15. as of now I'd say about the same!!! missing the farming base tho.. 90% of the time they'd knock down town Hall and I'd be shielded while I'm at work!!:(

  16. #Same cause im th7

  17. #more I am getting way more 3 stars in war now because of the time. 😀 Plus th9s (like me) and below shouldn't be complaining for more content since we have loads of stuff to upgrade. And after the update, I am finding a lot more loot, Idk about you guys though

  18. #same I'm a th7 and the update hasn't effected me

  19. #Less bc THEY forced out of the game,loot is hard to find and yesterday when I had max elxir for drag lvl 2 they forced kick me out so it kinda suck I might leave this game and start playing either toram online or only play XBOX GAMES idk what is wrong with this update it slower then boom beach Max peep attack New th peep. I made a noob account to see if only peep like to attack me but not the case even if I don't have much loot they still attack…

  20. I Like It