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MY FIRST LOOT CART & STAR BONUS! Clash of Clans New Update Gameplay & Details!

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  1. Hidden teslas fav target pekka

  2. Actually that's 2nd defense that have the "Favorite target".
    1st one is Teslas 🙂 [F.T – Pekka (x2 damage) ]

  3. anyone know the outro music name? I really wanna know thx

  4. you need to or on your warden's ability

  5. I love the new swag wagon!

  6. The other defense with a favorite target is the tesla. It does x2 damage(I think) to pekkas

  7. Tesla towers have a favorite target (PEKKA)

  8. please read hey nick i dont think you have seen the thing in clash in the loading screen there is a weird looking thing it is flying where the wiz tower is dont know if it is a drag please explain

  9. I am early!

  10. What does donation level mean in clan perks? Just asking

  11. I got that exact same Christmas tree spawn in the top left corner XD that's the one I kept


  13. I like the new update better than the last one since I'm th8. I wish they would nerf the tesla for golems. Golems are rock types….. should be immune to teslas. just my opinion.

  14. I cant even play this update!!! It says that my device is not compatible!!! But i have a Droid Turbo… which is less than two years old!!! Why supercell have you cursed me!!!! :(

  15. "With the new stars in clash, events in clash royale, and events in boom beach, there will be lots to do in all 3 supercell games."
    But… But what about Hay Day??

  16. Everyone forgets about HayDay, haha

  17. why this isn't Kelly p in your clan anymore

  18. 2:25 the tesla also has a favorite target (the pekka)

  19. i still cant get clash royale!!! when will be available for Android in America?? please answer

  20. face palm the tesla has a favourite target noob….this is why I watch molt for everything not boom beach

  21. Use your wardens ability earlier, usually after your kings ability at half health. Or in obvious cases like a giant bomb hitting your witches or a single locking onto a hero.

  22. tree is annoying

  23. #nick math gold lol

  24. Can anything in the treasury be stolen?!?!?

  25. Nice video Nick.

  26. nick why do u waste space with three jump spells