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My Goodbye to Clash of Clans

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  1. You can't just quit like this. I hope you'll at least make some videos. Or… when supercell drops an update you can start making videos again.

  2. What the fuck Jake? A piece of me just fell off.

  3. We will sorely miss you, a great member of our war community. Please come back soon, maybe you could play other games :). I'm subscribed to you for you, not you for Clash of Clans.

  4. Hey Jake, so sad to see you go. You helped me and my mates so much throughout our journeys. I completely understand your point if view, supercell has not really introduced much to the war scene at all. Just a suggestion though, I'm sure that out of the 120k+ of us, at least some would like to still watch any vid. So if you feel like going on a new focus or something you should do it :). Even the occasional vlog would be awesome. If you don't choose to do any of those though, Thank you so much for what you have given us, and have a good life!

  5. Wow, noticed you seemed down recently, I'm genuinely saddened that you've decided to leave the game. Personally appreciate all your hard work over the last two years, it's folks like you and PB which have kept people interested in this game. I just hope supercell wake up soon, they've allowed this game to die.
    Wish you all the best Jake take care man

  6. :-(

  7. Ily Jake, ty so much for teaching us everything about COC and keeping us all entertained. Goodbye from your viewers and your Patreons.

  8. So sad to see you go Jake, you've done so much for the game and improved my clashing experience so much since I started watching your channel, both myself aka Praetoria & my fellow clan mates @ GEARS BUDDIES will miss you 🙁 ?

  9. Thanks for everything Jake. Good luck in all your future endevors. Our entire Clan has benefited from your videos. Clash on!

  10. Who the hell cares? This guy abused the game , he played the FairPlay community against other clans and made it much more toxic,he bent FairPlay to his own will, eg kicking clans from FPC for hunting yet Onehive are always hunting nowadays. This guy is the cancer of FairPlay. Glad you're gone

  11. Thanks for everything Jake! Without a doubt you have had more of an effect on the war community, and growing the war community, than any other youtuber. Literally thousands of clans learned how to 3 star by watching these videos.

  12. Thank you for the three stars you helped me get! Enjoy your life man.

  13. man i was having such a good start too my day till i saw this, ive been watching ur vids for easy over a year and a half, you got me into 3 star strats, but hey man it's been good take it easy bro cheers.

  14. Man, I sensed this when the streams died out. We had a fun ride with you Jake, but when you quit I think it's time to quit too. I guess I'll need to say my goodbyes to the clan.

  15. Recently I have really started following my gut on certain life decisions and I'll tell you it's been the best feeling. I support you fully Jake. I would say give it some time and venture off to other games. Continue VG if you enjoy that game. Just have some fun again.

  16. I stopped playing Clash about one year ago. Loved your videos, thank you for everything!

  17. You will be missed man! Remember to stay positive

  18. ur still awesome Jake

  19. tyvm

  20. 367 wars recorded, 2 years of hard work ,120,000 subscribers, now its all over ;(

  21. The OG. I was a gowiper until I found GadiHH and this channel – thanks for helping everyone suck less. You'll be missed.

  22. Damn you got me into the war community :,). I bet now sc does something week after they see this video

  23. Mrs. Jake's series??

  24. Inspired me to become a 3* war guy sad to see you go ? thanks for everything!!!

  25. Any other youtuber and this would be click bait. Sorry to see you lose interest in a hobby Jake. At the end of the day. Family and work come first over CoC. I too have taken a break from the game. It just loses its enjoyment.

  26. Good luck to you and thx for teaching me clash of Clans!

  27. thanks you jake! you will be missed.

  28. If you want to come back one day, we will be here to support you again! 🙂 We wish you the best for the future! Thanks, you made us to pro gamers!

  29. Thanks for your hard work. Watching you made me a better player. Difficult game to achieve a balance with your daily life. It's pernicious and you realize suddenly that your tablet follows you everywhere…

  30. My only question is, whats in the safe?…

  31. I hope you find a way back to the game, i think the truth is since you went to VG you saw how a game could and should be run. No matter how strong the community is with OH and your channel, when the dream is shattered (and you are closer to SC than most), it is hard to motivate yourself.

    Personally, your channel took me from casual drag raids to where i am today. I am much newer to clash than most and last year your channel allowed me to experience some of the very top end of the game, thank you for that. Good luck in whatever you move onto as i doubt you will go cold turkey on games, again i truly hope you make it back here and that supercell take the game in a better direction.

  32. I thought it was April 1st already but sadly not.

  33. The end is near for Clash now. I respect your decision Jake and thank you so much for all you have done for TWC and the game. You will be forever missed man. Enjoy life and farewell. You helped us all suck less.

  34. oh my GOD. Dont do that 🙁
    This is probably the sadest moment. I watched like every video :(((((

  35. We will definitely miss you man..

  36. This was shock to me because you are the face of FairPlay community and your our voice on YouTube

  37. man ? this is horrible you are the reason of every 3 stars I had in the last couple years … i'm following you since war 31 when you kicked our clan's a$$ ? I love you ? hope you come back

  38. Clash Attacks with Jo is a great channel to carry on what Jake has done.

  39. why? I got to th10 just today and wanted help. noooo. please