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My TH10 Journey | E10 Huge War Changes , Max Valks & Update | Clash of Clans

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  1. I would work your barbs and archers to max, that way your heroes will get a massive buff when you use their ability in attacks.

  2. porq no gravaste la de empathic fury vz speed ands soun porq sabes q speed and soun le quito la racha de 22 victorias jaja

  3. great episode matty I met u on global b4 when I was n cold September u make amazing videos n now I'm looking forward to th10

  4. Great video man!

  5. It is such a pitty because of the fact that my valks are just lvl 3 atm ^^ I had them on the lowest lvl when the last update dropped xD

  6. I'm a maxed th10 and now im farming my walls damn it's a long process.. great vid Matty

  7. Upgrade your bowlers then you can do bowler walks

  8. 1st