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My TH10 Journey | E2 Initial Upgrades | Clash of Clans

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  1. Hey Matty, I'm only a few weeks worth of upgrades ahead of you as a 9.5 and I have not dropped infernos. Like you, I had a 100% maxed th9 base 30/30 heros. As a 9.5 (I have maxed offense and 37/31 heros) what are the deciding factors for you to drop infernos? My clan rolls 15v15s usually, and although I am a 9.5 and our #2 is a max th9 also, I always get faced with the top two opponents having max infernos (rushed or not, infernos suck). Sorry to go on a tangent, but yeah…. What and why will you be dropping infernos. I want to also, but I don't want to significantly increase my war weight when 3 staring medicore th10s w/ infernos is already hard enough.

  2. Hi Matty. I am also a new th10, similar level to you, using Super Queen. I would appreciate some of your farming videos for tips.

  3. love these vids matty

  4. i tought you could buy the infernos but just dont put them in your war base and you would still count as a 9.5 isnt that so?

  5. You are moving along quite well. GJ Matty.

  6. I'm literally at the same stage of the game as you Matty lol. Minus your amazing hero levels and all your lavas…20/19 and primarily legos with 50 lavas here. Good luck with your journey !

  7. Hey Matty, love the channel bro. Just a tip I discovered when searching is that if you wait until 28 secs left (when you first view a base), and hit next, you don't get the "Searching for new opponents" popup.

  8. Lol how far this channel has come, I came when he was just starting his lava walls

  9. When's the RO war recap?

  10. 60k dark a day?!?!?!?

  11. very nice video matty 🙂 when will you do a face reveal?

  12. Good video man keep it up

  13. Love your videos