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New 3 Stars Strategy, Hog + Valks – Clash of Clans

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  1. come on more videos….

  2. More CoC

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  4. xmod ?

  5. th10 boothy range?

  6. WHOA HOGS AND VALKS NEW STRAT NEVER SEEN B4 top fucking zozzle.

  7. yay clash of clans video!

  8. shy shy shy

  9. Brandon i missed alot of your videos youtube made me unsubscribe to you

  10. That's not actually new xD

  11. Hi Brandon, I wish you can show Brandon 3 and Brandon 1 donations again soon… Really love those 2 series.

  12. How is govaho a new 3 star strategy lmao…

  13. Moonlady from MEGAEmpireAsia attacked me and only got one star. lol

  14. hello Brandon. I am rushing Town Hall with max troops but my defence are so low that even a town hall 8 can get 3 star. Should I continue rushing or should I upgrade first?

  15. who cares Brandon COC sucks

  16. Brandon chanel died haahhah lol ahhaha lol ahahalol ahahalol im crazy ahahahahhaha lol lololololp

  17. lol

  18. Hey Brandon! How should i play clash because i have 3 accounts. and i have problems doing two so how?

  19. hey