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NEW ATTACK. “Queen POP” LaLoon. 3 Star TH9 w/ Low Heroes. Fresh Attack

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  1. Hey bro I wanna come to the clan can you guys lower trophies I got 1600 thanks

  2. Air is the way to go. Especially if one wants to make the transition to th 10 and still have success. Awesome showcase of an attack that gets players right into the winning route. Zap Quake just opens up so many paths for air attacks… draglalo, dragloon, any kind of (queen walk) laloon, your queen pop laloon and so on… Awesome work man!

  3. Very tough on anti3 bases.. Need precision deployment of loons there

  4. Thanks for the fast reply

  5. would this work with lvl 5 lighting and lvl 3/4 earthquake? Great video by the way