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  1. #troophype

  2. came here from amayzinone cool video!

  3. i want new air hero.

  4. #troophype

  5. Troophype

  6. Welcome

  7. Love ur channel btw

  8. Cause it isn't confirmed

  9. Private server

  10. That's really fake and it isn't coming

  11. wow

  12. #TroopHype for the baby version of a dragon

  13. I will be able to use it im a th9 YAY!! ??

  14. #troophype

  15. Wicked plz comment back

  16. and how do you get this gameplay

  17. why elixir troop? why not dark elixir troop?

  18. Whelms this update come out

  19. how could derp face baby dragon grow up to be badass dragon lol

  20. #troophype

  21. why do they glow purple when you first place them?

  22. Thanks brother!

  23. how it cost to unlock lvl 11 barracks

  24. #troophype it's so cute omg!!!

  25. Cause bindle is expensive like it takes a lot of mobile data

  26. Can I have it in messenger of fb

  27. Are there any ways I can chat with u like private

  28. How can I chat with u?

  29. Wiked

  30. Is it on barrack or dark barrack?

  31. They look like there goblins. when there attacking the base

  32. Do they cost 4 elixir also???

  33. When does the update release?

  34. #troophype

  35. nice and cute …but is it powerful?

  36. #troophype I think this might be a good de farming strategy and may be useful against some bases in war at th 9 which I am. So glad I have been maxing walls to get this th9 stuff upgraded before I move up.

  37. ses cun copieur de farce attack chou!!!

  38. Please don't forget to hit this link to subscribe if you haven't done so helps me out heaps:

  39. the next troop will be Musketeer then 😀 She is pretty amazing.. CoC lacks a point target ranged troop with high dps..:)

  40. #TroopHype

  41. What's the difference between baby dragon and dragon? except the housing space and attack speed?

  42. 97 new buildings? New walls?

  43. what is the red thing on the baby dragiìon when you deploy it, what does it mean

  44. Strategy: gobdra, goho with baby drags!

  45. Its Pretty Boring Concept copied from Floped Royals game its waste troop for th9.

    Make Some interesting troops such as Pekka wizzzzzzz or new Hero

  46. But where is the miner???

  47. # troophype

  48. why is supercell taking everything like a copycat from clash royale?!!! please wicked gaming answer this

  49. I reckon it will get an art upgrade soon it looks ugly tbh.

  50. I like how the baby acts like a dragon, in the mugshot