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  1. What Townhall do you need to get these

  2. The new update should make buildings/walls cost less because it costs so fucking much for level 10 walls

  3. They're cute in the army camp. Their "cover picture" is really ugly tho.

  4. What th will they be available??

  5. Happy 1 mill

  6. Productplacement

  7. nick is the musketeer from boom beach?

  8. 1 million subscribers!!!!

  9. OMG is that real??.

  10. 1 mil SUBS

  11. Now we're gonna do lava-dragoonion

  12. Milk Candy-He need some milk

  13. It's a dark troop!!!!!!!

  14. baby Dragon=new dark elixir troop 🙁 you see when the raid ends dark elixir comes out

  15. nice intro

  16. congrats nick I've been watch you for a few years now


  18. congrats on 1 million subscribers nick!!!

  19. Minions with hit points

  20. one baby dragon + rage spell = ?

  21. Are baby dragons replacing dragons?

  22. What's next, sparky?

  23. Baby dragon

  24. Life is finally right… Nick has over 1 Million subs. Please remake the 1mil sub club video

  25. MORE boom beach pls +nickatnyte

  26. Is that update current on run for him only ?

  27. Kinda disappoints me that you only post clash vids now when a new update is coming so you can release info about it.

  28. Congrats on 1 million.
    Get this comment to 1million likes

  29. Great job with your 1 million subs

  30. God Dammit it's a dark troop go to 2:35 it's explodes dark elixir

  31. Congrats on 1m subs

  32. Some body Oh! He needs some milk gummies!

  33. So they're adding a dragon to clash royale? lol

  34. CLASH ROYALE CHALLENGE! : win a battle using the Xbow?

    Are you down?

  35. if they bring spear gobs im coming back to coc

  36. The miner is next

  37. congrats nick you goy the 1,000,000 subscribers! (^-^)/

  38. Look at the barracks, miner coming in hot!

  39. Now that baby dragons are in CoC maybe regular dragons could come to clash royale? Hint hint Supercell…

  40. 1000000000000000 is next