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NEW BEST FARMING STRATEGY FOR HIGH TOWNHALLS!?? | Going to Titan – Clash of Clans GoWiPe Gameplay

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  1. stupid, stop zooming in n out

  2. I've been in almost every giveaway and still havnt won one fml xD

  3. ZwiZz can you allow me to join because I'm a town hall 8

  4. you are dutch

  5. Hi zwizz i leave youre clan. that was my little brother can you please invite me so i can destroy 24 and 25 in the cw. (my name is #HERO030)

  6. Merry Christmas I'm eye of CTHAULU

  7. merry Xmas from me and My sister Jessy aka Girl_Jessy from your clan :)

  8. swizz in around silver theres many townhallsnipe lol

  9. jij bent Nederlands toch

  10. Thats called gowipe isnt it? xD

  11. Ik weet dat je nederlands bent dus wil je ook een uitleg video doen voor th7

  12. So, you use the Gowipe, like me 🙂 Cool!

    I would suggest you grow your heroes first.

  13. Nice loot:}?

  14. Zwizz great vid but you don't watch my videos anymore lol

  15. What was the song playing during your talk?

  16. Can you make another video like this but for th 8? Plez

  17. Another good video. Keep up with the good work. Also……. MERRRRRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  18. 8th :(

  19. I'm not first yay

  20. cool