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  1. nice strat but im always worried about taking giants with spring traps

  2. Yes op for sure they should remove the giant from the game

  3. I am th11 queen40 warden20 can i join ? 1k war stars

  4. the problem with this strat is that it will be crushed against those compact bases which most us encounter in wars.

  5. Seems like a dragon in CC could help stop this

  6. Have tried this as well as watched others and  I found this strategy interesting but kind of bold move, specially if you don't plan it very well. Chances are quite high the air defense kills the healers, its only 4 and it takes 4-5 seconds to kill one. A not expected turn away from air defense and its pretty much over. Just give it a try on normal attacks with nearly maxed out TH9's where you have 30 seconds to plan and its more fail then anything else. If you have the time to sit there and plan every single step and repeat it until its burned into your memory … maybe for hours…. and you enjoy that… sure great strategy but I would not call this OP. I rather do mass Valkyrie with few jumps then hanging the whole attack onto the survival of 4 healers or at least some. I wonder how many fail attacks happened which are not shown or even mentioned. A statistic of 100 attacks with a success / fail percentage would be great.. just as indication and if its turn out 50/50 or worse its far from OP, but that's too much to ask for. As a side not I have also a Th11 close to Titan League 1 and I get attacked with mass bowlers all the time and believe it or not its mostly 1 and 2 star, not a single 3 star so far and if you go thru all the mass bowler TH11 attack videos its always 3 star and then called OP. Also seldom but it does happened that TH11 just 2 star Th10 with mass bowler just by running out of time at 95-99% where the videos basically say 100% guarantee to 3 star, its either based on a small sample of attacks or the tendency to blow it out of proportion and add more into it then there is.

  7. I just used the strategy as a new th9 and it actually worked!!! 3 starred a mid-max th9… will be using it from now on

  8. Ive already perfected this just from one watch on this video. Got a six pack on max th9s, thanks for something new PB!

  9. say bye bye to skilled attacks.

  10. Yup OP for sure. Been SCREAMING this for a while now. Clash w/ Ash posted a AQ walk + separate bowler walk + valk kill squad strategy that works frustratingly well too months ago! You can now easily take out maxed out defensive TH9's with Lv 15/15 heros!!!! IDK why SC keeps insisting on ruining the balance @ lower THs to improve it at higher ones (makes no sense when they can achieve one without the other!!). Anyways, I think this game is slowly dying and I'm not sure SC understands why. :(

  11. i use 4 healers 11 wiz 3 giants and 21hogs with some extra giants in cc (6) its perfect, 3 heal one rage and poison spells

  12. hey powerbang, is safe use this strategy with only 1 hero??(Queen for example because now upgrade my king)

  13. nice vid dood My clan (wingsrule, feel free to visit) are in this tight war with another clan and I copied a base from a few recaps ago which you said was a good base so I copied and tweaked it a little but a 10.5 on their team had the exact same base XD. But my base defended twice so I'm happy :O

  14. anyone can 3 star a th9 with lvl30 heroes :/

  15. I've been using it in friendly challenges at th8. It seems to be op there as well.

  16. Stupid. SC needs to nerf bowlers ASAP

  17. Does this attack work with low lvl heroes??

  18. Why did that base have the TH outside? :O

  19. Good video m8 just earned a sub keep up the good work

  20. Why is it good to put your heros right next to each other in your base design?

  21. I have been practicing this today on anti 3 th9s. I am a th9 with max troops and I am 4 for 4 on 3 stars. And I 2 starred a max th10! This strategy is great!

  22. Hey powerbang, do you have vids from 15-15 heroes? Because 30-30 is truly powerful so it is expected to see a 3star attack unlike 15-15 heroes.

  23. why its seems like wtf not whf ??

  24. GHB (or "easy rape") is a nasty dangerous drug so I would suggest to call this strategy: H2GB just to avoid the resemblance

  25. I had to test this one out. I've seen countless, "NEW OP insert strat" videos before. None turn out to be as advertised. But wow, wow, wooowowowowwwww this is ridiculous. I haven't found a TH9 yet that can hold up to this. The bowlers and giants under rage just TEAR through everything. The pigs don't even need a heal most of the time because there is always something tanking for them. Wow is all I can say. Just wow, wow, wow.

    Bowlers need a nerf.

  26. Bowlers and miners ruined the game balance.

  27. They just need to increase the troop space cost of bowlers and miners. You compare what bowlers do at 6 troop space and wizards do at 4 troop space and it's laughable. Miners the same cost as hogs is just insane. The only thing they lack is not target defenses, but how much does that really matter when they don't trigger bombs while moving and avoid all damage en route. Move bowlers and miners up to 8 if you ask me

  28. This strat is so op!

  29. Do you need max bowlers in cc or can they be lower level

  30. I discovered this strat yesterday when my clan showed to me and have been doing friendlies with them. It wrecks everything. 

  31. is something like this at all viable @ th8? was trying to think of ways new troops could be brought in cc and used effectively. would think something like this would work. 1 less spell, but vids had swagged 2 heals. 1 less bowler in cc, but there's obviously a lot less def to worry about. why bring so many giants instead of a golem? Don't they do the same thing?

    Any helps is appreciated & keep up the awesome work!

  32. lol well crap we don't have a th10 to donate bowlers