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NEW Bowler Valks TH9 3 STAR War Attack. Update BoGoVaHo? Clash of Clans

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  1. Thanks for the kind words man! Your content is a fantastic mix of quality and sheer positive energy. Def one of the best commentators in the game. Keep it up!!

  2. Love your Queen Pop vids.
    All variations of the basic Townhall nine strategies have been updated to include bowlers. There are also some strategies which include minors instead of hogs.
    Most trophy bases have no chance at Townhall nine level with bowlers in the clan castle.
    What is tough and not as consistent Are the anti-three bases. The offset queen bases.
    The farm tower bases.

  3. Hey cast. How you doin ? Been a while since ya posted. Hope you're doing well. Nice video as usual tbh. ☺️ you may also check out powerbang gaming. ?

  4. Hey cast! yeah level 3 bowlers are a killer weapon in th9.

  5. preety luck wit him. hghb is better thn this. plz make a video of hghb i wan to see how will u use them.

  6. Awesome man as always :)

  7. Sup blast its me soulreaper from kamcord love ur work man keep it up lol

  8. Hey Cast, should I upgrade my golems to level 4 or my Valkyries to level 3?

  9. we are using bowlers in our cc for most of the time…

  10. it's been out there a while. devastating attack nevertheless ?

  11. good!!

  12. lol the intro