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NEW CAR REVEAL! Shelby GT500 Review / Reveal! My 662HP BEAST

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  1. Wastes all his money on a car ok then

  2. That moment when he makes a 900k when he is about to hit 1 million ?

  3. Oh my god that was so badass

  4. Can I has

  5. How much money do you make from youtube?!

  6. If only those kinds of cars were that cheap in New Zealand.

  7. I've been watching mystic since he had 40K subs

  8. Where the fuck do you live ?

  9. nice car!!!

  10. Bro… I have a 1998 Honda Civic too… I'm jumping to a 2014 mustang Gt… First time I'm ever relating to someone in cars lol… Perhaps do a review on my mustang in one month? When I get al my mods and stuff done

  11. for 1,000,000 subs do skydiving please??

  12. Shame the steering wheels on the wrong side

  13. omg soo sick

  14. good but the 1900's Are the best

  15. sure

  16. Good job bro.

  17. CQOTD: Out of all cars you could have bought why would you get the mustang? #Camarosbetter

  18. why didn't you get the new Shelby GT

  19. Good Life!!!

  20. sick

  21. I think he is trying to make it like Forza horizon

  22. I think he is trying to make it like Forza horizon

  23. Shelby GT500 0 to 60 people dead in 4.3 seconds

  24. Lol nice car but when my mom gets her 2017 ZL1 say good bye to that mustang

  25. lol my name is also koby

  26. the videos on snap chat where better than this….

  27. Damn Daniel back at again with the Ford Mustangs

  28. Mystlc7 da mudda fuxking LEGEND! Congrats man nice to see the Upgrade?????

  29. Dooope