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New Clash of Clans API Data Website Clash of Stats ★

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  1. Cool 🙂 Could you tell me your intro song's name?

  2. Daamn soo cool broooh! ^^

  3. wow!!!that's pretty neat!!!

  4. hi captain,
    thanks for sharing this site with youtube community.
    too pity that you missed to show the greatest functionality so far in clashofstats. i mean the nice history-curves where you can see interesting donation-informations and curves even after the season ends. or the sequence of war win increase.
    here is some example:
    but maybe you show this in some later videos. 😉

  5. Good video

  6. thats so cool!!

  7. Amerzing

  8. Amazing!!! This is definitely useful!!! :D

  9. Clash of Stats
    Clash of Stats Reddit