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NEW DARK TROOP – “BOWLER” – IN ATTACK | Sneak Peek 3 | Clash of Clans

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  1. Why the fuck it look likes Binay

  2. wowowowowowowoow

  3. Is this true or fake

  4. wow nobody watched his other videos besides this one. this one has 500k views all the other 2k.

  5. yeah another Epic troops

  6. Is this troop real because I haven't seen one yet

  7. A new mortar is coming also, look at the chain behind it :D

  8. Govabo…sounds weird

  9. Is this fake because I looked at the top players on clash of clans and they don't have thrm

  10. We Want A Bangladesh National Flag In Game Please.. Many Bangladesh Fan Are waiting for that

  11. WHY DOES SUPERCELL COMPLICATE THINGS! Is this really the best idea they have? Just add the PRINCE in coc and stop all the weird things

  12. i thought the new troop was based on a troop in clash royale :P

  13. Really, Supercell shits down our necks again.

  14. is that true?

  15. i hate them i think lvl 1 bowler is use less…

  16. i think its too overpowered

  17. yeah kinda good

  18. I love it! Thanks you

  19. You guys are just looking for a troop to make your life easier. You just want more powerful. This twist is interesting. They bring out troops spaced apart because it's a business.

  20. Just wait for the nerf for the ball to roll not bounce and to crash through walls not over them.

  21. Not what I was expecting

  22. Stop saying "boulah" please hahaha

  23. Will it disable spring trap & bomb?

  24. It is like a catupult, I think it should have a slightly stronger attack.

  25. "It takes up 8 housing like the Valkyrie"
    "It takes up to 8 minutes like the Valkyrie"
    "It's useless like the Valkyrie"

  26. at first i was like really supercell are you even trying when i see gameplay i was like all those strategys you could use omg good job supercell

  27. TWO BALLS!

  28. Jesus this is so bad. this is really the best they got?

  29. I see a "Go BoBa" attack in the near future.. Golems,Bowlers and Barbs..

  30. gunoooooi 😉 de cacat

  31. Take a shot every time he says bowler.

  32. I can see this guy being useful for taking out air defenses. That double bounce could be used many ways

  33. This guy with the new nerfed valkyries is going to be way too overpowered. Even though valyries haven't seen much play since the release of coc and needed to be chang, it's too much.

  34. the "Rock Troll"

  35. they should have made the ball to keep going straight and break walls.. theres a troop needed to do that.. all troops always go to the right or left first.

  36. I called it in the last video!

  37. ugly why is he so god dame blue (Blue Goblin )

  38. OP

  39. lol lud

  40. I like it!

  41. looks like he could stand too far away. by the time he's in range, everything is taken out. still though it's my first time seeing it, perhaps more research will alter my opinion.

  42. I want more walls now if there bring this in the game

  43. play time back to 3:00 ????

  44. All fucking day!