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NEW DARK TROOP – “BOWLER” – IN DEFENSE | Sneak Peek 4 | Clash of Clans

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  1. Boulder´╗┐

  2. Call it baller´╗┐

  3. damn please stop moving the screen´╗┐

  4. Boulder Bomber…..Rock Bomber….Rock Lord.´╗┐

  5. Ogre´╗┐

  6. They should of called it the "Baller"?´╗┐

  7. I think troll is a better name, you look at this new troop and you see it.´╗┐

  8. goblins with e bowl-a´╗┐

  9. As bowler do double damage .. the 2nd damage should be the half or 3rd part of 1st damage ….?…´╗┐

  10. the "Rock Troll"´╗┐

  11. another unit for th 10 just what the game doesn't need´╗┐

  12. lol troops :v´╗┐

  13. Crusher doesn't sound bad, but what about. The Grounder, Boulder or Graveler (Gravler)?´╗┐

  14. this isnt sneak peek 4 smh, but I guess whatever helps you get views´╗┐

  15. crusher or smasher´╗┐

  16. Ogre is a much better name for it. Bowler makes no sense, he's throwing the rocks, now bowling them.´╗┐

  17. and any other name. – ogre would be more fitting.´╗┐

  18. The stoner ?´╗┐

  19. Not what I was expecting but ok´╗┐

  20. Rocker would be a good name!´╗┐

  21. maybe it should be called a Rock Wrecker´╗┐

  22. Call it the Ogre´╗┐

  23. how much space need for this troop?´╗┐

  24. interesting troop, but really stupid and misdirecting name..he isn't a bowler at all, more like a thrower..but still they could have come up with some intimidating name´╗┐

  25. i would call it "Ogre" instead´╗┐

  26. I'd call it the wrecker.. like he's gonna be throwing balls that wreck the stuff… they come in like a wreeecking ball !! idk´╗┐

  27. very excited although I don't like it's name :/´╗┐

  28. subscribe to me chanel plz´╗┐

  29. id say stone bouncer´╗┐

  30. I'd call him "Oger" he's not really bowling. Oger's throw rocks or boulders. They usually have mallets of some sort.´╗┐

  31. mohammad´╗┐

  32. mohammad´╗┐

  33. can anyone one give me a max village please´╗┐

  34. ehh doesnt look that cool but I guess it won't matter for me since I'm TH8. can't we have an update that has new features for lower leveled people? so far, the only things that affect us are balancing and farming patches´╗┐

  35. That's so good troop and good at defending´╗┐

  36. The Bowler, really?´╗┐

  37. They should call him "Jeff"´╗┐

  38. how about the bounce roller´╗┐

  39. They should name him "Thing"´╗┐

  40. It will not be so interesting as dark troops r not for any work…fully rubbis! I think…´╗┐

  41. Name should be Stonely….´╗┐