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NEW DARK TROOP GAMEPLAY “The Bowler” | Clash Of Clans New Dark Elixir Troop Update 2016!

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  1. I told my whole clan to subscribe to you and watch your new update videos!?

  2. bro love you keep it up <3

  3. I'm starting to dislike the game because the updates are 4 higher town halls ?

  4. Get the po box!!!!!

  5. I can't get it !!!! Why ?!?!?! Is it for th10 also ? Cuz ima th10


  7. You didn't say who is the winner of giftcard


  9. the bowler is the goblins dad

  10. Let me guess th11 only

  11. Does this troop has a relation with clash royale?

  12. I was wrong about one of the troops but maybe I'll be right about the next one… #NightmareFTW

  13. so when does this update come out?

  14. bowlers look like goblins formed with a smurf

  15. Tbh the guy who leaked the update was sorta right with the chain lightning, chain lightning to me is hit something and it hits something else near it

  16. Makes me sad that stuff like this only affects he top tier of players, and the majority under Town Hall 10 can't use them :(

  17. Really supercell? The bowler?

  18. Level 4 infernos

  19. Level 9 mortar

  20. Well all

  21. Air defence is different on first replay

  22. +Clash of Clans | General Tony im in

  23. When will by new updaite ?

  24. now we can go BALLS DEEP into bases !!….

  25. The rocketeer will be a mix between the clash royale rocket, and a balloon. What I mean is that it will be a ranged air troop that fires small rockets, like a more powerful minion.

  26. then who is the pin

  27. hell yeahh!!! what's up tony! love your videos mate keep doing what you do

  28. please I bed you!! please reply

  29. impossible!! U r full of mystery Tony bro

  30. and it's level 3

  31. who gave U this video!!! mean it's going to be only released after the update!! then how did you get this video

  32. and can U do me a favor

  33. The name of the 2nd new troop will be batsman!!X-D

  34. me Tony !! y r U asking !! I am also with you

  35. There are different air defenses and mortars in the gameplay #leaked

  36. Yo Tony,about cash for apps.when i download an app and play it for 30 sec i still dont get the points,why?also when i click on the download button for a certain app it gets me to the App Store with a different app,why?btw use my code 3466f2
    Thx (plz respond)

  37. when is the update

  38. Did u guys see the air defer in 1:15

  39. my invite code from the cash for apps is 9f84e5

  40. i think they suck balls

  41. gem the entire update

  42. meeee

  43. The walks is gonna be overpowered in cc against low levels

  44. New air defense level?

  45. I gonna love this new update because in a TH 10 and I will love it gem it

  46. looks like my shit

  47. i was so close to being right i said it was the bowler

  48. Am i the only 1 who noticed the thing next to his level