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NEW EPIC TH8 Trophy Base 2016 – Anti 2 star – Clash Of Clans

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  1. King Clasher – Clash Of Clans nice video. I liked your video. I subscribed to your channel. you to visit my channel. I'd be happy if you subscribe to

  2. 100 viewer ????

  3. do you have kik

  4. Ayyy you passed me in subscribers GJ man!! Keep it up????

  5. King, want a better banner?

  6. king,i love you,and i support you,your base layouts are the best,and you know how to make a good video,good music,quality.You are the MVP,keep up with the good work,love you

  7. looks promising.
    I hope it holds up well.
    will let you know how it performs.
    great job by the way :)

  8. hiii king how are you….this base is good. ..and i like this.. keep clashing…best of luck