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NEW HERO ALPHA GAMEPLAY! | Vainglory – Alpha First Look

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  1. Really thought Alpha was a male lol!!! But I think they are making her to OP, like wtf??

  2. Uhhh. Yeah she kinda sucks.

  3. she seems way too OP, I'm sure everyone will be instalocking her. I see a bunch of nerfs ib the near future.

  4. I hope she can jungle an lane.

  5. I can yell "Allahu akbar" when use this character LOL

  6. she might be pretty strong with wp imo :p

  7. So she's basically a robot Krul…

  8. how much is this hero??

  9. Mcdonalds internet 400 ms above

  10. Is it me or this hero is op?

  11. No support, i'm gonna stick with Ardan like forever :[

  12. A crazy orianna

  13. When I looked at the title I thought that it was an alpha for some hero and he forgot to put the hero name.

  14. Wtf VG UPDATE???

  15. What will happen if Catherine use her shield and then Alpha explode?

  16. When you stumble over "prime directive" because you're not a trekie.

  17. How to download beta 1.16

  18. Alpha's passive looks a lot like aatrox's passive from League of legends


  20. Question 1: As a job of a ROAMER, you find your enemy team not building CP, would you still build FOUNTAIN OF RENEWAL?

    Question 2: If youre enemy team is not building WP? What should I build?

    I main CATHERINE, user: asahiinna
    SEA server.

  21. can't wait for the spotlight so i can figure out her build paths, usually with CP heroes i go Aftershock, Eve, Broken Myth or i go Shatter Glass, broken myth boots and lots of defends (incase there is a BF or Krul on their team)

  22. i'm glad were getting a new map,new game mode, and a new character….

    but please… let us have another support/tank character. we have enough lane and assassin characters. Just give us like two maybe?

  23. lags :(

  24. how can u play that character? in my country it doesn't exist yet

  25. Kool

  26. Get ready to shout Allahu Akbar for her ult

  27. I actually thought that she was going to be the tier three taka skin on first viewing

  28. So you fill this grey balk up by autoattacking ?

  29. during her reboot if she gets stunned does she stop rebooting?

  30. can alpha's ult be stopped by catherine's stun?

  31. Is alpha not to op that heal and she escapes easy